Our Vision

Growing the G.L. Huyett organization in order to nurture and improve the communities we serve — or in other words — create and develop a “Way of Life” in the same way a securely rooted tree stands strong and provides ample shade and protection from wind and rain for those who seek refuge under its broad canopy.

— Timothy J. O’Keeffe, CEO


The G.L. Huyett “Way of Life”

Growing partnerships in our communities with a foundation in loyalty.


Revenue & Profitability. Market Expansion. Facility Expansion. Personal & Professional Development through Training.


Customers. Vendors. Employees. Management. Community.


Minneapolis, KS. G.L. Huyett. Departmental Teams. Family.


Trust, Integrity & Pride. Faithful Customers, Vendors, Management & Employees.


Reflection of our History. Respect & Reverence. Strong Cornerstone to Build Upon.

Way Of Life

Hard Work. Integrity. Quality. Innovation & Creativity. Us.