Codes to Work By

  1. Do Not Discriminate
  2. Present Yourself With Tactful Dress & Language
  3. Maintain Zero Tolerance on Drugs
  4. Follow Instructions Carefully
  5. Be Reliable & Prompt
  6. Maintain Confidentiality
  7. Avoid Conflict of Interest
  8. Comply With Laws & Regulations
  9. Comply With Rules on The Use of Company Assets
  10. Report Illegal or Questionable Activity
  11. Set Goals & Strive to Reach Them
  12. Use Your Manners & Respect Others

Communication is the Delivery Medium of Conduct

Resolve the following to yourself:
  • I resolve to recognize my value to G.L. Huyett.
  • I resolve to share my goals with you, and together we will seek an action plan.
  • I resolve to respect and utilize the chain of command to solve problems.
  • I resolve to solicit immediate feedback to ensure we understand each other.
  • I resolve to talk with you and not at you.
  • I resolve to listen with an open mind.
  • I resolve to see each situation from all points of view.
  • I resolve to tell you when I don’t know the answer, and together we will work to find the answer.
  • I resolve to give you honest and sincere feedback.
  • I resolve to not undermine your authority. I resolve to not confront you when I am angry.
  • I resolve to not gossip.
  • I resolve to not publicly embarrass you.
  • I resolve to admit when I am wrong.