Pursue Freedom Through Responsibility

We are proud to be an American Company and participants in the most successful experiment in capitalism the world has ever known. As Americans, we enjoy freedom to pursue happiness. The Founding Fathers mention this pursuit in the preamble of the Constitution. With freedom, though, one assumes responsibilities. At G.L. Huyett, we recognize both the freedoms and responsibilities associated with participating in the Great American Industrial Machine.

Our management philosophy is rooted in the recognition of the relationship between freedom and responsibility. We seek to recruit highly entrepreneurial people who possess the skill and courage to make tough decisions, and then to accept the consequences of those decisions.

We believe that work is an integral part of the lives of productive people. Few of us are born into economic privilege. Therefore, we must work to earn income to support our families and our vocations. Because we work in a capitalistic enterprise, our livelihood is dependent on our ability to give our customers what they want. If we do not deliver, then our economic security will be imperiled.

If we are successful, we will not only enjoy the economic rewards of such success, but we shall live more productive lives as well. Our greatest days will be remembered for the results we achieve and the goals that we conquer.

Your management is concerned about your health and welfare. You are part of a team that is challenged by competition and the marketplace. You will be given broad lines of authority, and we expect you to accept this authority with a sense of responsibility similar to if it were your own business. Your individual success will require initiative, perseverance, and thought; and reward shall be based on results.

Let us communicate openly, honestly, and fairly.

Timothy J. O’Keeffe, CEO

G.L. Huyett