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AVK is the premier designer of blind threaded inserts, Composiserts™, studs, compression limiters, MS bolts, aerospace fasteners, rivet nuts, and installation tools.

G.L. Huyett carries a full line of AVK products including the following series: AH, AK, AL, AO, AR, AS, AT, AW and RN. Choose from a diverse range of inch and metric design styles including open- or close-ended round threaded, hex threaded, pre-bulbed slotted, and round serrated inserts with a variety of profiles and head designs.

AVK blind installed fasteners are used in almost every industry including Aerospace, Appliances, Architectural, Automotive, Electronics, HVAC, Agricultural, Medical Equipment, Military, Refrigeration and Tracks & Trailers.

G.L. Huyett is proud to be an AVK Industrial Master Distributor.

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