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No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to help make finding and buying non-threaded fasteners easy with the most comprehensive catalogs of hard-to-find, hard-to-make, and hard-to-buy parts on the planet – all under one roof. You’ll find an extensive array of key stock, grease fittings, retaining rings, bearings, o-rings, flat washers, pins, set screws, hitch balls, electrical connectors, pipe plugs, assortments, and lots more.


G.L. Huyett Key Stock CatalogG.L. Huyett’s new Key Stock Catalog is a first of its kind in the industry. In addition to making it easy to order the power transmission components you need, we’ve included illustrations and technical drawings for key stock, machine keys, shafting, tool steel, shims, spacers, shaft collars, hex keys, bearings, and precision balls. You’ll also find information about tolerances, material grades, finishes and platings, industry uses, and specifications to help you choose the right part for your application.

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Pin Applications



Grease Fittings

G.L. Huyett Grease Fitting CatalogThe most comprehensive guide to grease fittings (Zerks) and threads the world has ever known. Inside you’ll find to scale illustrations of every fitting known to man, technical and educational information, complete part number cross-referencing, design standards, manufacturing guidelines, quality control, and more related to imperial, metric, non-ferrous, Heritage® , Alemite ®, and Lincoln ® fittings. You’ll also find detailed specifications and examples of SAE-LT, PTF, and UNF grease fittings, thread forming and drive type, special use fittings, pressure control, flow control, connecting parts, grease guns, and accessories.

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Retaining Rings

G.L. Huyett Retaining Rings CatalogDiscover the most comprehensive and complete inventory of retaining rings, wire forms, and tools in both imperial and metric sizes in the world. You’ll find over 200 pages devoted to snap rings, clips, spiral rings, Eaton™-style rings, wire rings, push-on rings, wire forms, springs, assembly components, assortments, and tools available in spring or stainless steel, in phosphate and zinc/yellow, in quantities of 1 and up sold and delivered in the way you want them: stacked, bagged, boxed, or rolled (and branded to suit your needs).

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Key Stock

G.L. Huyett Key Stock CatalogWe’re your low overhead manufacturer and master distributor for Power Transmission components including MAK-A-KEY™ key stock, machine keys, bars & shafts, shims & spacers, tool steel, shaft collars, precision balls, specialties, and assortments in imperial and metric sizes in all grades and materials for everything from the tool room to the production line.

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G.L. Huyett Pins CatalogThe all-new G.L. Huyett Pins Catalog features over 14,000 pins and wire forms in every size and shape you can imagine in a wide range of materials in both inch and metric sizes.

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MAK-A-KEY™ Key Stock

G.L. Huyett MAK-A-KEY™ Key Stock CatalogG.L. Huyett's MAK-A-KEY catalog provides an extensive selection of precision key stock for all power transmission and motion control applications in a wide range of material grades and finishes including cold finished bright steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. Choose from inch and metric bar stock from 12 inches to 12 feet in length up to 6" square. Flats, rectangles, step key stock, and even round MAK-A-PIN™ key stock, assortments, and machine key kits are also available.

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AVK Industrial Products

AVK Industrial Products CatalogG.L. Huyett offers the complete line of commercial threaded inserts, RivetNuts, Nutserts, and installation tools offered by AVK. AVK uses state of the art high-speed cold forming equipment to produce its blind installed threaded inserts and threaded studs which are certified to the exacting requirements of the QS9000 and ISO 9001 International standards. G.L. Huyett can help you develop a creative fastening solution using AVK's threaded inserts, threaded studs, and AVK installation tools.

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AVK Industrial Products - Spanish

AVK Industrial Products Spanish CatalogG. L. Huyett ofrece la línea completa de insertos remache con rosca, RivetNuts, Nutserts, y herramientas de instalación que ofrece AVK. AVK utiliza lo último en la técnica de alta velocidad para producir instalado ciego en los insertos roscados y pernos roscados, estos están certificados bajo la atenta supervisión de la QS 9000 e ISO 9001, las normas internacionales de roscado. G. L. Huyett puede ayudarle a desarrollar una solución de fijación creativa usando insertos roscados de AVK, pernos roscados, y herramientas de instalación AVK.

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A Raymond Tinnerman

A Raymond Tinnerman CatalogTinnerman’s 15,000 standard and special purpose fasteners have been specially designed to save time in the assembly process, reduce the number of parts needed, lower manufacturing costs, and provide unique solutions that are dependable and long-lasting.

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Oetiker Products

Oetiker Product CatalogNo matter what connection problem you may be facing, there is hardly any connection problem on earth that Oetiker clamps can't resolve. Even under the toughest of conditions, whether it's hoses, cables, pipes, ropes, or any other object, Oetiker can get the job done. Oetiker clamps are used in a wide variety of applications and industries and have proved themselves time and time again.

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Heritage Industrial Cotter Pins & Wire Forms

Heritage Industrial Cotter Pins & Wire FormsG.L. Huyett proudly distributes Heritage Industrial Pins & Wire Forms. Heritage Industrial manufacturers a superior line of standard and hammerlock cotter pins, bridge pins, and hair pins in a broad range of sizes, materials, and finishes. For Quality Without Compromise, demand Heritage Industrial parts for your application.

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Precision Specialties

Precision Specialties Catalog G.L. Huyett offers a large selection of spring washers and specialty fasteners including belleville washers, curved washers, and wave washers. Learn about the different types, applications and more.

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Spirol Coiled Spring Pins Design Guide

Spirol Coiled Spring Pins Design GuideG.L. Huyett carries a full line of SPIROL Coiled Spring Pins and more, all available in low minimum quantities. Since 1948, SPIROL has served as a technical resource by providing high quality components to improve the quality of your assembly, extend the life of your products, and reduce your manufacturing costs.

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Spirol Slotted Spring Pins Design Guide

Spirol Slotted Spring Pins Design GuideG.L. Huyett carries a full line of SPIROL Slotted Spring Pins and more, all available in low minimum quantities. Since 1948, SPIROL has served as a technical resource by providing high quality components to improve the quality of your assembly, extend the life of your products, and reduce your manufacturing costs.

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RotorClip Catalog 2015

RotorClip Catalog 2015RotorClip is the global leader in the manufacture of Tapered Section Retaining Rings, Constant Section Retaining Rings, Spiral Retaining Rings, Wave Springs, and Self-Compensating Hose Clamps.

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Engineering Handbook

G.L. Huyett Engineering HandbookFrom hot rolls to cold saws the G.L. Huyett Engineering Handbook provides a fresh perspective on steelmaking from iron ore to finished product. With 144 pages of informative content you’ll learn about the steelmaking process, different grades of steel and finishes, testing steel hardness, heat treating steel, and mechanical properties of steel. Bonus features include manufacturing case studies and metric/imperial conversion charts.

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G.L. Huyett Product Line Card

G.L. Huyett Line CardAn easy-to-use line card featuring a photographic at-a-glance reference of all of the fasteners, power transmission components, grease fittings, and accessories we manufacture and distribute. You’ll also find a complete listing of our services, custom solutions, and manufacturing capabilities to make what you do easier.

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Manufacturing Guide

G.L. Huyett Manufacturing Line CardG.L Huyett combines global sourcing with our own in-house manufacturing facility to provide the most complete offering of specialty non-threaded fasteners and manufacturing capabilities in the industry. Included are several manufacturing case studies highlighting some of the custom solutions we’ve helped our customers bring to life. We’re especially competitive on short runs, ready to assist in emergencies, and offer complete secondary operations.

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Power Transmission Ebook

G.L. Huyett Power Transmission EbookG.L. Huyett provides an extensive line of Power Transmission Components. This 16-page ebook highlights the history, standards and specifications of products we provide to the Power Transmission sector. No matter what you’re assembling, if it requires parts that are hard to find, hard to make, or just plain weird...we’re your source for the parts you need to keep your operation moving.

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Spanish Line Card

G.L. Huyett Manufaturing Capabilities - Surface GrindingHablamos Español! Llámanos hoy, Además de contar con gente amable de Kansas para contestar nuestros teléfonos, podemos ofrecerle una versión en español de nuestra tarjeta de nuestra línea es fácil de usar con fotografías para referencia de un solo vistazo, de todos los sujetadores, elementos de transmisión, graseras y otros accesorios que fabricamos y distribuimos. También encontrará una lista completa de nuestros servicios, soluciones personalizadas y nuestras capacidades de fabricación para hacer su trabajo más fácil.

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Quick Reference Guide

G.L. Huyett Power Transmission BrochureOur 12-page Quick Reference Guide provides an at-a-glance overview of G.L. Huyett’s product lines, services, manufacturing capabilities, and custom solutions. It also features product comparisons, installation notes, usage guidelines, and product design details to make doing what you do easier.

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Keystock Quick Reference Guide

G.L. Huyett Keystock Quick Reference GuideWhat’s the difference between machine keys, keystock, barstock, Mak-A-Key, Moltrip, undersized, or oversized keystock? Find out with this easy-to-use guide featuring common names and uses, applicable standards, and fabrication processes as well as some general comments and instructions on how to identify all kinds of keystock.

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Cage Nuts Product Fact Sheet

G.L. Huyett Cage Nuts Product Fact SheetFor quick assembly in blind or center-panel locations, self-retaining threaded cage nuts are available in a variety of materials and finishes. These fasteners install easily with no special tools, provide tight joints, and facilitate easy automation in high volume assembly. They can be found in anything from server racks to appliances.

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Pins Quick Reference Guide

G.L. Huyett Pins Quick Reference GuideWhat we call a Clevis Pin, you might know as a Cornpicker Pin, Flat Head Pin, or Hitch Pin. Here’s a handy little guide featuring common names and uses, applicable standards, and fabrication processes as well as some general comments and instructions on how to identify all kinds of pins.

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Dowel Pins Reference Guide

G.L. Huyett Dowel Pins Reference GuideG.L. Huyett manufactures and distributes a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and micro-finishes including inch and metric hardened dowel pins as well as oversized, ground hollow, and internally threaded pullout, flat vent, and grooved dowel pins.

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Grease Fittings Reference Guide

G.L. Huyett Grease Fitting CatalogThis quick reference guide to grease fittings explains the different types of thread standards, features of different threads, and how to read thread descriptions. It explains how fittings can be automatically installed and describes the advantages of using speciality fittings such as relief vents, plugs, and button heads. A complete line of available fittings is also listed for your convenience.

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Groove Pins Reference Guide

G.L. Huyett Groove Pins Reference GuideGroove Pins are available in over a dozen different design options to fit various application needs. This easy-to-use guide features common names and designs for the different groove pins G.L. Huyett stocks.

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Taper Pins Quick Reference Guide

G.L. Huyett Taper Pins Quick Reference GuideG.L. Huyett offers more than 2000 carbon and stainless steel taper pins and external threaded taper pins in sizes #7/0 to #14. Download your copy today for helpful information about how taper pins are sized and speced, common applications, and guidance for installation and removal.

 | Download PDF Features & Benefits Features & Benefits Guide Buying non-threaded fasteners and grease fittings online just got easier. This Features & Benefits guide shows easy, step-by-step instructions for registering at There is also a visual overview that shows where to look for quantity breaks, quote requests, and certificates of compliance. You’ll also learn about our manufacturing and custom labeling and packing capabilities. In fact, if it’s hard to find…you’ll find it here.

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American Fastener Journal:
A Life of Learning

G.L. Huyett AFJ A Life of LearningTim O’Keeffe speaks to American Fastener Journal about his extensive career and his role in the fastener industry. Published September/October 2016.

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American Fastener Journal:
Getting from Good to Great

G.L. Huyett AFJ Good to GreatWe’re not just a fastener business. We’re a People Business providing a Way of Life for our employees and our customers. Learn about the challenges we’ve faced and overcome to develop G.L. Huyett into a Culture of Excellence in this American Fastener Journal article published November/December 2012.

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American Fastener Journal:
Centennial History

G.L. Huyett Manufaturing Capabilities - Surface GrindingIn 2006, G.L. Huyett celebrated 100 years of successfully distributing hard-to-find, hard-to-buy, and hard-to-make parts. Read about our history in this September/October 2006 American Fastner Journal article.

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Designing with Fastening in Mind

White Paper: Designing with Fastening in MindProblems derived by non-optimized assembly methods can jeopardize what would otherwise be a successful new product development. Here is a checklist to avoid this downfall.

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