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D Rings
D-Rings are simple, sturdy and inexpensive wire form fasteners easily recognizable by their “D” shape. The smooth, edgeless design creates a strong, durable anchor point that is excellent for textile applications, such as tarps, tents, collars, and straps. D-rings are a great choice over O-rings if limited material movement is desired. The corners of the ring limit slid through whereas O rings allow material to slide around the entire circumference of the ring. • Offered in brass, nickel plate, plain, and zinc clear finish • Range of sizes available from 5/16” to 1-1/8” • Simple, versatile, and economical • Can be mounted to a variety of surfaces using straps to create pivoting anchor points
D Rings

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  • .313" (5/16)
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  • .750" (3/4)
  • .875" (7/8)
  • 1.000" (1)
  • 1.125" (1-1/8)