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The G.L. Huyett Heritage grease fitting line is the broadest line offered anywhere and is designed to meet the most exacting standards.

Drive Type

Drive type fittings do not require a threaded hole decreasing the cost of installation. Some are equipped with a hex shoulder to assist in orientation.

Thread Forming

Ideal for high-volume assembly line applications, thread forming threads are made out of case-hardened steel and designed for untapped holes.

Relief Vent

Pressure relief valves release excessive pressure which may accumulate during operation of a bearing housing or gearbox. Install above fluid level.

Flush Type

Flush type fittings are for applications where a protruding greasing nipple may be impractical such as shafts, pulleys, and other rotating assemblies.


Standard plugs are manufactured from carbon steel utilizing a cold forming process. Hot forged and cast plugs are available upon request.


Adapters feature two different thread pitches and are used to connect dissimilar threads. Available in male to male, male to female, and female to female.


Breather fittings feature specially designed ports that allow air to move in-and-out, thus creating the effect of “breathing.” They have a special cap which reduces contamination.

Button Head

Button head fittings are excellent for rugged applications such as conveyors, mining equipment, and agricultural equipment. The flat head minimizes damage from debris.


Elbows are angled connectors used to plumb and make turns around obstructions. They usually have a male and female end and are available in 45°and 90°angles.


Extensions are used to provide additional clearance in hard to reach areas. They have the same thread pitch on both ends and are available either straight or angled.


Unlike other connectors, bushings adapt two threads without adding additional length. Commonly used to repair stripped holes and salvage the fitting.

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