Rebecca Schnackenberg

Rebecca Schnackenberg of Concordia, Missouri, is a metal artist working mostly with repurposed steel. While attending college she took a sculpture class where the students learned to weld and use a plasma cutter. Their assigned project included visiting a recycle yard and creating an animal from found metal. This experience ignited a passion for welding that continued after graduation and in 2010, Rebecca started her business Dos Gatos Designs. Rebecca's art centers on garden themes including flowers, dragonflies, grasshoppers, snails and whimsical birds. She also creates custom artwork and signage. She travels to art festivals and events in Missouri and surrounding states to sell her metal creations. For more information, please visit

Leonard Hicks

Leonard Hicks of Minneapolis, Kansas, is a welder, steel fabricator, and metal artist who creates art out of steel objects by welding them together. He admits that when he first learned to weld he fell in love with it. Leonard attended welding classes all throughout high school and further acquired the skills to create metal art through previous employers and family members that also weld. He has learned to weld everything from farm equipment to frames to pistons for oil refineries to stainless steel mixing vessels. Leonard has perfected his welding skills by welding in a variety of different shops. “I create art out of steel because it keeps my mind sharp and because it always has me thinking. I am inspired by welding. You are fusing pieces of metal together to create a piece of work. When you work with steel anything is possible and can always be fixed.”