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2018 Grant Winners:
2018 Project Drive Grant Winners
Front row (from left): Barb Young, North Salina Commumity Development, Inc.; Stephanie McAlister, Glasco Community Recreation Board; Peggy Crippen, Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas; Mary Hrabe, Community Thrift & Care; and Joyce Roe, Gypsum Community Library. Back row (from left): Larry Betrand, Golden Wheel Senior Center; Lindsay Huenefeld, Sunflower Adult Day Services; Doug Plummer, Minneapolis Noon Lions Club #7127; DeMerle Eckart, Friends of Culver; Kay Good, Tescott United Methodist Church; and Becky Selm, G.L. Huyett Charities.
2018 Recipients:
Gypsum Community Library

$1,500 to purchase family-friendly movies and books for their children’s story hour and summer reading program in Gypsum, KS.

Gypsum Community Library purchased 85 children's books, 23 adult books, 24 children's movies, and 22 family movies.
Thank you for all the book and movies
Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas

$3,500 was awarded for the purchase of a commercial freezer that will save space and allow more shelving for dry goods in Salina, KS.

Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas purchased a commercial-grade freezer. This has increased what they can store frozen. Since it takes up less of a footprint than their old freezers they are able to add more shelving.
As a former Minneapolis resident, it makes me quite proud of all that your company does to better this community. Please extend our sincerest appreciation to all at G.L. Huyett who make this grant possible.
North Salina Community Development, Inc.

$3,542 will assist in repurposing eight more donated newspaper racks into “Little Libraries” to be placed at CityGo bus stops in northern Salina, KS.

North Salina Community Development refurbished and installed eight more "Little Libraries" with a bonus one at the recycling center.
Thank you G.L. Huyett for the grant funds to the North Salina Community Development.
Friends of Culver

$3,170 will assist in purchasing new storm windows and insulation for an abandoned house to rent out and then to use the rent to fund community projects in Culver, KS.

Friends of Culver wanted to provide clean and affordable housing to attract new residents to Culver, KS. They took an old abandoned house and remodeled it to be liveable and up to code. All of the rent generated from this house will be donated back to be used for community projects including emergency assistance, park equipment updates, and installing handicap accessibility equipment.
Thanks so much for supporting us on this Friends of Culver project in Culver, KS. The insulation was a huge deal and the windows help insulate and make the exterior look a lot better! Thank you again so much for your generous help in renovating this house!
Minneapolis Noon Lions Club #7127

$6,657 will purchase 14 high-quality maintenance free trash cans to replace the dilapidated ones in downtown Minneapolis, KS.

In April, Minneapolis Noon Lions Club purchased and installed 14 trashcans along Main St. in Minneapolis, KS.
We are so excited to bring this improvement to downtown Minneapolis and would like to say a special thank you to G.L. Huyett Project Drive Grant for awarding our organization grant funds that made this project possible!
Community Thrift & Care
$2,500 to replace the roof on the Community Thrift & Care in Minneapolis, KS.

Sunflower Adult Day Services

$3,250 to purchase a refrigerator, stove, and upright freezer to replace worn out ones at a day care facility for seniors or disabled adults in Salina, KS.

Sunflower Adult Day Services replaced their worn out refrigerator, stove, and upright freezer.
We sincerely appreciate your organization and  its commitment to giving back.
Glasco Community Recreation Board

$3,000 will help to repair and restore the Glasco Youth & Family Center building in Glasco, KS.

Tescott United Methodist Church

$1,128 was awarded to purchase a laptop, projector, screen, and speaker for an after-school program in Tescott, KS.

Tescott United Methodist Church purchased the technology for their after-school program.
Thank you very much for the grant our church received to help us purchase new technology equipment for use in our Kid’s Club program.
Golden Wheel Senior Center
$880 to purchase a commercial ice machine, microwave, and six insulated food carriers for their Meals on Wheels service in Minneapolis, KS.

G.L. Huyett Charities
$29,815 to build a raised bed garden to grow fresh produce for local food banks or families in need in Minneapolis, KS.

2017 Grant Winners:
2017 Project Drive Grant Winners

Front row (from left): Chad Young, representing the Salina Rescue Mission and Salina Grace; Tami Noble, Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Shelia Reed, Ada Fairview Cemetery Board; Teresa Shore, Sunset Home Inc.; Becky Rathbun, Lincoln Senior Center; Florence Girard, Cloud County Historical Society Museum; (standing): Judith Swagerty, Bennington Rodeo Fun Day Committee; Amanda Rensink, Markley Grove Park Friends, Inc.; Kayla Paige, City of Delphos; Barb Young, North Salina Community Development, Inc.; Ronald Brubaker, Minneapolis Public Library; Dannae Houser, Kingdom Circle Ministries

2017 Recipients:
Markley Grove Park Friends, Inc.

$500 was awarded for the purchase of an outdoor projector, DVD player, and sound system for free community Movie in the Park events at Markley Grove Park in Minneapolis, KS.

Markley Grove Park Friends, Inc. purchased the equipment and hosted several free community Movie in the Park events throughout the summer. A thank you from Markley Grove Park Friends, Inc. read:
The first Movie in the Park with our new equipment was a success! We showed a movie on June 8 and it was a very nice turnout. Thank you for awarding our group a grant from G.L. Huyett Project Drive!
Kingdom Circle Ministries
$1,500 to purchase projectors and memory cards to support their Backyard Bible Club for school children in Salina, KS.

The mini projectors and memory cards, one for each lesson, help engage today’s youth in the lessons and stories. The projectors had to be portable and work in lit rooms, as they typically meet in school gymnasiums. In an e-mail, Dannae Houser wrote a thank you to G.L. Huyett:
The projectors have been a big hit with all the kids. They really enjoy the videos and songs as part of our lessons. It’s like we are finally speaking a language they understand. Not only are they paying attention and learning from the videos, but we are having a lot fewer discipline issues. So more fun for the kids and the volunteers. You guys are so appreciated.
Bennington Rodeo Fun Day Committee
$1,000 will assist in the purchase of three canopies and a sound system for activities kicking off the Bennington Rodeo. This grant will be combined with $208 raised by the Bennington Rodeo Fun Day Committee.

Bennington Rodeo Fun Day Committee used the new canopies, barricades, and public address system during this year's Bennington Rodeo Fun Day activities.
We appreciate the grant, it has helped us greatly.
Sunset Home Inc.

$4,150 to purchase a new commercial dishwasher to maintain a high standard of cleanliness for their residents in Concordia, KS.

North Salina Community Development, Inc.

$2,000 will assist in the repurposing of donated newspaper racks into “Little Libraries” to be placed at CityGo bus stops in northern Salina, KS.

The donated Salina Journal newspaper boxes were sandblasted, repainted with new decals, and new plexiglass installed. North Salina Community Development's goal is to increase access to books for children and adults in north Salina.
Salina Rescue Mission

$4,500 to build raised beds to increase their garden’s yield for use in meals prepared at the Salina Rescue Mission. This grant will be combined with $882 raised by the Salina Rescue Mission and a $500 in-kind donation from Stutzmans Greenhouse.

Salina Rescue Mission purchased, built, and planted their new raised garden beds. Raised garden beds provide better weed control and nutrients and pH levels management.
Thank you G.L. Huyett!
Fellowship of Christian Athletes USD 239

$5,266 was awarded to the USD 239 – Minneapolis, KS – Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) to purchase musical equipment to enhance the experience of FCA huddles with worship music from a group of teachers called “Firebrand.”

The new musical equipment is used by Firebrand to enhance the worship experience during huddles. This also will allow Firebrand to travel and perform at other FCA huddles or rallies.
Salina Grace

$5,000 will assist in the transformation of a church basement into a winter-only homeless shelter to provide a warm, safe sleeping area for people that do not meet check-in requirements at other facilities. This grant will be combined with $4,000 raised by Salina Grace in Salina, KS.

Salina Grace purchased a roll-down kitchen shutter, video security system, smoke alarm system, fire extinguishers, and fire retardant dividers for the temporary shelter.
City of Delphos

$1,400 to purchase a public address system to aid communication at Delphos community events.

The City of Delphos purchased a public address system through Tom's Music House. Kayla Paige, Delphos Mayor, wrote to G.L. Huyett:
We have already had the opportunity to use the sound system at the Delphos Co-op Annual Meeting and are very thankful. Thanks again for giving back to your communities.
Ada Fairview Cemetery Board

$2,979 to build a double-sided directory to help families and visitors locate gravesites in the Ada Fairview Cemetery near Ada, KS.

Ada Fairview Cemetery Board built a double-sided directory for the cemetery.
Minneapolis Public Library

$3,995 was awarded for the purchase of a new microfilm reader to allow researchers to examine, read, and print information contained on microfilm. This grant will be combined with $1,200 from the Minneapolis Library Memorial Fund.

The Minneapolis Public Library replaced their outdated microfilm reader. Now library patrons have access to old newspaper articles saved on microfilm.
G.L. Huyett has contributed greatly to making us a valuable member of the community.
Cloud County Historical Society Museum

$4,907 to purchase tables and chairs for their newly developed children’s activity center in the museum in Concordia, KS. This grant will be combined with a $5,000 match from the Community Foundation for Cloud County, $800 from Cloud County Co-Op, and $500 from Citizens National Bank.

The museum held a grand opening for their children's activity center featuring a demonstration on sheep shearing and hands-on experiences of carding, spinning, and weaving wool.
We are grateful for the support of G.L. Huyett and our sponsors. Without their financial support the development of the center and its programs wouldn’t have been possible.
Lincoln Senior Center

$1,110 was awarded to purchase 30 new stacking chairs to replace aging folding chairs in the Lincoln Senior Center dining room in Lincoln, KS. G.L. Huyett employees raised the funds for this grant from paid dress down days. This grant is matched with a $400 private donation.

Lincoln Senior Center purchased new stacking chairs for use in their dining room. Their guests love the new chairs.
We absolutely love our chairs. Thank you so much for helping us out!
2016 Grant Winners:
Front row (from left): Tonya Merrill, Cloud County Resource Center; Dawn Vesterberg, Mt. Liberty United Methodist Church; Renee Mattison, Culver Park Committee; Patti Fiedler, Rockin' God's Kids; Jettie Condray, Ottawa County Historical Museum; (standing): Steve Kmetz, Salina Rescue Mission; Virgil Vesterberg, Mt. Liberty United Methodist Church; Lou Ann Inscho, Culver Park Committee; Mick McHenry, Rockin' God's Kids; Cameron Maier, Ottawa County Rural Fire District #4; Mark Whitesell, Ottawa County Rural Fire District #4.
2016 Recipients:
Salina Rescue Mission

$6,000 to purchase shelving for their new walk-in refrigerator and freezer to accommodate the influx of food donations received during the holidays. This grant will be combined with $6,108 raised by the Salina Rescue Mission.

The new shelves increased the Salina Rescue Mission's dry goods storage by 30% and doubled their refrigerator and freezer space. This will allow the Salina Rescue Mission to continue provide meals to those in need.
Ottawa County Historical Museum
$800 was awarded for the purchase of a video camera to record personal histories of Ottawa County residents.

The new video camera will allow easier setup and use for their Life History Project. Jettie Condray, Director, wrote the following:
Project Drive Grants are extremely appreciated. Community improvement by G.L. Huyett deserves a tremendous amount of gratitude, no matter who receives or whom is awarded the Project Drive Grants to better our community
Mount Liberty United Methodist Church

$2,300 will assist Mount Liberty United Methodist Church near Miltonvale, KS, in building a structure to house a cemetery directory.

The newly completed structure now houses the cemetery's directory, giving family and visitors a guide for finding grave sites and a place to rest.
Rockin' God's Kids

$4,863 to finish a room in the basement of the Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, KS, as their after-school program has expanded and the larger space is needed.

Rockin’ God’s Kids finished a room in the basement of the Presbyterian Church that needed flooring, paint, and air conditioning. Also, child-sized seating and hooks for backpacks were needed. They were able to piggyback their flooring project with the Presbyterian Church’s project to install new flooring in the kitchen and fellowship hall to save money.
Cloud County Resource Center
$1,500 was awarded for a computer and software to be used to order food, process intake forms, and improve day-to-day operations.

Cloud County Resource Center purchased a new laptop and software. The updated technology has allowed the staff to process requests quicker and better serve those in need in Cloud County.
Culver Park Committee

$5,230 to preserve the façade and remodel the interior of their historic fire station that serves as a Community Center and Culver City offices.

Culver Park Committee brought a resurgence of community pride by updating and repairing the Culver City offices to make it accessible to all members of the community.
Ottawa County Rural Fire District #4

$5,000 was awarded to upgrade handheld and truck radios for clear communication between the Ottawa County Rural Fire District #4 and other area fire departments, EMS, and other emergency personnel.

Initially planned out as a multi-year project, the fire department, fire board, and department officers made the decision to purchase all new equipment at once and have everyone using the same equipment and not risk having more issues with a mix of old and new. The department was able to source other grant money, use money they had already been saving, and Project Drive to assist with the funding of this project in its entirety. This was a very smart strategic move as the older radios did not want to play well with the new radios and there were frequency and communication issues with the older radios when doing radio testing with the new system.
2015 Grant Winners:
Project Drive 2015 Recipients
Front row (from left): Barbara Rathbun, City of Barnard; Mary Sue Wells, Sunflower Adult Day Services; Sara Walter, Sunflower Adult Day Services; Susan LeDuc, Sisters of St. Joseph; Wanda Wierman, Golden Wheel Senior Center; Betty Dyck, Golden Wheel Senior Center;(standing) Janet Dowlin, City of Barnard; Ron Brubaker, Minneapolis Public Library; Michael Chambers, Central Kansas Foundation; Tom Schur, Rock City Park; Eric Frank, Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas; Vaughn Davidson, Golden Wheel Senior Center; and Phil Aumick, Rock City Park.
2015 Recipients:
Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas
$10,000 was awarded for the purchase of a vehicle that will be used to travel to rural communities in North Central Kansas to provide counseling services, Adopt-A-Family Christmas assistance, budgeting classes, financial coaching, and to distribute clothing and food to low-income families and individuals.

Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas (CCNKS) purchased a pre-owned 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE to support their mobile outreach program with a $10,000 grant from Project Drive. The program will help provide services in communities that do not currently have CCNKS offices. A monthly routine was established for staff to drive alternating routes each week to include the communities of Salina, Ellsworth, Minneapolis, Clay Center, Abilene, Beloit, and Concordia. Michelle Martin, CCNKS Executive Director, sent the following:
"We want to thank you for this generous gift which will help tremendously with our efforts to develop a mobile outreach program in many counties of our service area."
Rock City Park

New in 2015, G.L. Huyett’s Project Drive Selection Committee selected a grant application submitted by Rock City Park in Minneapolis, KS, for a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, a website that allows individuals to contribute to worthwhile projects from anywhere in the world. Rock City Refresh will be funded through Project Drive and combined with matching funds contributed by Rock City Inc., to purchase furniture, paneling, lumber, lighting, and floor treatments.

In February, Rock City began renovating their gift shop following the successful online crowdfunding campaign ran by Project Drive. In total, $3,668 was raised. The gift shop was emptied and the carpet stripped out. New slatwall for shelves and baskets was installed and linoleum flooring was laid. New fixtures and merchandise completed the process just in time to open for the season in May.
Central Kansas Foundation for Alcohol and Chemical Dependency

$2,400 for a swing set, picnic tables, and mulch for a play area on their Family Day when patient's families can visit the facility in Salina, KS.

A new swing set, two picnic tables, and rubber mulch were purchased to make their play area more inviting for children visiting their parents in treatment. In an e-mail Michael Chambers, Vice President of Operations, wrote the following:
"We were so honored to be selected for a grant to do this project. Thanks again to all of you at G.L. Huyett for the grant. Some of our patients and their children have enjoyed the equipment already."
Nazareth Convent and Academy, Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, KS
$1,418 was awarded for a computer and software for their Helping Hands Ministry. The computer will be used to monitor and record services like providing food and prescriptions to individuals and families, utility payment assistance, providing lodging through partnerships with the local hotels, and transportation assistance.

In December, the Sister of St. Joseph of Concordia, KS purchased a computer and software to aid in their Helping Hands Ministry.
"Thank you again for your belief in our project. We are deeply grateful for your support."
Sunflower Adult Day Services, Inc.

$4,000 was awarded for the purchase of a commercial dishwasher that will assist in preparing meals for senior citizens and disabled adults at the center in Salina, KS.

Sunflower Adult Day Services bought and installed a new Jet-Tech commercial dishwasher. They serve an average of 30 meals a day and the new dishwasher is a great help to the staff and volunteers. Mary Sue Wells, Sunflower Adult Day Services Director, sent the following:
"Thanks so much for the grant."
Golden Wheels Senior Center
$3,500 will assist the Golden Wheels Senior Center in Minneapolis, KS, in renovating their restrooms to be ADA compliant. This grant is combined with $1,000 from Flint Hills Foundation and $3,400 from Ottawa County Community Foundation Grant.

Minneapolis Public Library

$5,130 to purchase a 65” smart LED HDTV, wall mount, and in-ceiling sound system. This new system will support library programs, such as author presentations and computer classes.

The Minneapolis Public Library installed new technology in their conference room. The new technology includes a 65” Samsung Smart HDTV and a sound system mounted in the ceiling. Speakers mounted in the ceiling reduced the trip hazard of the wires on the floor. Ron Brubaker, Minneapolis Public Library Director, sent the following:
"We greatly appreciate G.L. Huyett's generosity, as this project would not have occurred without it."
City of Barnard

$1,595 to the City of Barnard for the purchase of materials to replace two structures in their city park. The Project Drive Grant will be combined with $500 received from Twin Valley Telephone.

2014 Grant Winners:
Front row (left to right): Ron Brubaker, on Behalf of the Delphos Public Library; David Kirkendall, Lincoln Jr./Sr. High School; Sue Tiffany, Clay Center USD #379; Phyllis Brown, Golden Wheel Senior Center; and Phyllis Cline, Golden Wheel Senior Center. Back row (left to right): Jettie Condray, Ottawa County Historical Museum; Virginia Hoover, Love INC; Larry Uri, Concordia Disc Golf Association; Kari Bogart, Ashby House; and Bryan Anderson, Ashby House.
2014 Recipients:
Ashby House

$10,612 to purchase playground equipment. Project Drive Grant funds will be combined with matching funds of $5,000 in donated land, $1,200 in donated landscaping, and $4,412 of donated labor. The Salina based organization provides shelter, treatment, and resources along with life skills, encouragement, love and guidance to homeless women and families.

Ashby House purchased and installed an interactive playground, perimeter ledge, and mulch. Karie Bogart and Brian Anderson from Ashby House sent the following:
“We really appreciate the funding available through Project Drive! We are encouraged by your efforts in making a difference in our community. Hundreds of children will be positively impacted by the creation of this playground.”
Golden Wheel Senior Center
$865 was awarded for a chest freezer and shelves that will allow them to store more donated food and government commodities. The additional storage will also enable them to expand their service area beyond Minneapolis and maintain affordable prices.

Golden Wheel Senior Center purchased the chest freezer and five-shelf unit. This purchase will save them thousands in food purchases. Phyllis Brown from Golden Wheel Senior Center sent us the following:
“Thank you for the grant to purchase the freezer and shelving. We appreciate the help from you.”
Ottawa County Historical Museum

$1,995 awarded for the purchase of a refurbished copy machine to replace an outdated machine to serve the needs of the museum and community.

The Ottawa County Historical Museum purchased a refurbished copier/printer from Central Office Service and Supply of Clay Center. Jettie Condray, Museum Director, said the new copier/printer will enhance the museum's ability to archive and replicate artifacts. By charging a small fee for copies they will be able to cover the costs of supplies and any maintenance that may be needed in the future.
Love INC
$920 was awarded for the purchase of a new copier/printer, a 2-year service plan, and an extra toner cartridge. Love INC is a food pantry and support system for less fortunate residents of Ottawa County.

Love INC has purchased and installed their new copier/printer. Virginia Hoover, Love INC's Director, sent a letter expressing her appreciation for the grant they received.
“Thank you for the award of the Project Drive Grant. We are so pleased with the new copier/printer. It should perform well for us for a number of years. Also, thank you for inviting us to be with you at your Thanksgiving celebration. We have so much to be thankful for in our community. Thanks for being an active part of our community.”
Concordia Disc Golf Association

$3,900 to the Concordia Disc Golf Association for the purchase of tee posts, two benches, signs, maps, and concrete to develop a disc golf course in Concordia’s Airport Park. The Project Drive Grant will be combined with $3,500 in private donations and $3,500 in funds matched by the City of Concordia.

The Concordia Disc Golf Association upgraded the disc golf course at Airport Park to an 18-hole tournament quality course. They purchased benches, tee boxes, and maps. They were able to get everything for less than quoted, which came in handy since the course layout sign required a custom-made metal support structure.
Delphos Public Library
$2,800 will assist the Delphos Public Library in expanding their most popular collection with 402 Cozy Mystery books.

Delphos Public Library was able to purchase 447 Cozy Mystery books with the grant to support their book club. Sharon Snively, the Librarian, sent a thank-you letter:
“Thank you so much for delivering our certificate personally. I did want to tell you, that we opened the envelope at our board meeting. We were jumping up and down like kids on Christmas morning when we saw how generous Project Drive had been! We can't wait for our next system check so that we can start purchasing books! We hope the owners and employees of G.L. Huyett have a Merry Christmas! They sure gave our library a Merry Christmas. Thank you again.”
Lincoln Jr./Sr. High School

$5,500 was awarded for the purchase of materials to build a ramp, platform, and handrail that will allow individuals with limited physical abilities to access Lincoln football games. Construction and labor will be provided by the Lincoln High School shop class and local Boy Scouts.

Lincoln High School, with the aid of the local Boy Scout troop and shop class, built for a ramp and walkway to the concession stand, and a raised platform with handrails at the grandstands. David Kirkendall, Principle of Lincoln High School, sent a thank-you letter:
“We really want G.L. Huyett to know how much we appreciate this grant and that there are many people now and in the future who will benefit from these improvements.”
Clay Center USD #379
$2,100 for the purchase of nine Orff instruments and mallets to include metallophones, glockenspiels, and xylophones for Garfield and Lincoln Elementary Schools. The instruments will be used in classrooms and community performances.

With the added help of a discount by the supplier, Clay Center USD purchased 13 Orff Schulwerk instruments including xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, and mallets for each instrument. They will now have an instrument for every two students in their music classes. The instruments are small enough for students to handle easily and can be modified for any level of proficiency by simply adding or removing note bars.
“Thank you and your company for selecting my application as one that you felt worthy to fund. I am so excited for my students! This is exciting for me as more students will get to play at the same time.”
2013 Grant Winners:

Front row (left to right): Paul Rimovsky, POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society; Hope Spano, Minneapolis Area Chamber of Commerce; Wanda Whitesell, Bennington Senior Center; Wayne Vignery, Bennington Senior Center; Joan Nothern, Glasco Community Foundation; and Sharon Snively, Delphos Public Library. Back row (left to right): Stephen Kmetz, Salina Rescue Mission; Sandy Clanton, Minneapolis Area Chamber of Commerce; Phil Aumick; August Walter, Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Project; Kara McAtee, Central Kansas Cooperative in Education; Tina Walsh, Cloud County Resource Center and Food Bank; Calvin Schultz, Miltonvale EMS; and Doug Kroger, Miltonvale EMS.

2013 Recipients:
Glasco Community Foundation
$500 will assist Glasco Community Foundation in rehabilitation of the future U.S. Highway 24 Museum Complex. The funds will go to the purchase of paint for the exterior of the building.

The Glasco Community Foundation completed their project for the buildings that will eventually host the National U.S. Highway 24 Museum. The Project Drive funds were used to paint the exterior wall that they restored. The museum will occupy three neighboring 1912 buildings on Main Street when completed.
“We think what you have done through the [Project Drive] grant is amazing! Thank you again for including us in your outreach.”
Cloud County Resource Center and Food Bank
In addition to $5,206.63 awarded by Project Drive, G.L. Huyett will donate an office chair to the Cloud County Resource Center and Food Bank to assist in replacing outdated and unserviceable equipment. While $25,000 may seem like a lot of money, it really isn’t given the amount of need in our community. However, we were able to impact a local food pantry, a volunteer EMS and Fire Rescue team, historical museums, a city park, a library, the elderly, and special needs children.

In April, Tina Walsh, CCRC Executive Director, wrote to tell us about the completion of their renovation project:
“...with your gift to us we were able to buy an upright freezer, refrigerator, and large chest freezer, have the bathrooms totally renovated, an all in one fax machine and were also able to purchase eight wire shelving units.”
Minneapolis Area Chamber of Commerce

Minneapolis Area Chamber of Commerce was awarded $3,187.50 for the purchase of 17 trees to be planted along Second Street from Sheridan Street to Mill Street. The Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce will match the grant funds.

Bennington Senior Center
$4,442 was awarded to the Bennington Senior Center to purchase and install new flooring in the building. Grants funds are being matched by another grant and fund raising efforts.

Delphos Public Library
The Delphos Public Library was awarded $538 to purchase a new door and kid friendly step stools along with a bike rack.

The Delphos Public Library purchased a pair of colorful step stools, a bike rack, and a new energy efficient screen door with the grant funds they received from Project Drive. The Library’s intended use of grant funds was to make the library more kid-friendly for many of their younger patrons who have escalated their reading level and want to access materials shelved in higher locations. Two new red and orange KIK-Step rolling stools have allowed them to do so. As many of the library’s patrons are kids who ride their bikes to visit the facility, the addition of a new bike rack provides them with a safe place to secure their bikes close to the front entrance, but far enough away to prevent tripping hazards for other patrons. The Library purchased a black bike rack that was artfully painted red, white, and blue by Snively’s ten-year-old grandson, Ryan Snively (above right). The new bike rack compliments a bench that he also recently refurbished. Additionally, an energy efficient screen door has been purchased that will allow the library to conserve energy by turning off their air conditioner during warmer weather while letting in fresh air and sunlight. The new door will also aid in retaining building heat during cooler months.
August Walter — Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Project
$1,000 was awarded to August Walter towards his Eagle Scout Project to renovate the Lincoln City Park gazebo. Grant funds will cover more than 70% of projected costs while challenging Walter to raise an additional $400 to complete his objectives.

POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society
Project Drive has awarded $2,013 to the POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society for the purchase of supplies to develop a museum in an existing building.

Salina Rescue Mission
$2,500 was awarded to the Salina Rescue Mission towards the purchase of tray slides, vegetable dividers, and a commercial food processor to assist in serving healthy meals to their shelter guests and anyone in the community in need of a free meal.

In January, after learning that their Project Drive Grant Application was selected for a grant up to $2,500, the Salina Rescue Mission was able to purchase tray slides, dividers, and a food processor. Stephen Kmetz, Executive Director, shared his appreciation in a thank you letter to G.L. Huyett:
“The salad bar has been a great addition to our facility and is allowing us to serve our salads and other sides in a hygienic, timely manner. The food processor has also been a welcome addition. We have noticed our meal preparation time has been shortened and made it more efficient. Thank you for supporting us as we work to serve nutritious meals to those in need.”
Central Kansas Cooperative in Education

$2,500 was awarded to the Central Kansas Cooperative in Education for the purchase of iPads®, Otterbox® cases, and Proloquo2Go® software to assist individuals with limited verbal communication abilities.

A 2013 Project Drive Grant enabled Central Kansas Cooperative in Education to purchase three iPads®, Otterbox® cases and Proloqou2Go® software. Afterwards Dorothea Thompson, a Speech-Language Pathologist with CKCIE, sent us the following:
“It is difficult to convey the very positive and huge impact your gift is making in the lives of students with communication deficits. ‘Thank you’ does not seem adequate enough to express our gratitude for the award you gave us. On behalf of our students, we do say ‘Thank you’ for providing them a voice so that they may be heard at last, and the tools to help them close the gaps they have in their communication skills. Please know that the grant money is having a huge, positive impact on the lives of many, many students.”
Miltonvale EMS
The Miltonvale EMS and Fire Rescue was awarded $4,750 for the purchase of 10 VHF radios to replace old and outdated radios. The radios are used to notify EMS and Fire Rescue personnel of emergencies as well as maintain communication between EMS and Fire Rescue.

Kathy Coleman, Miltonvale EMS Director, shared the following after replacing emergency radios with Project Drive grant funds:
“The radios have been a tremendous help. We had very large and outdated radios before the grant, they were heavy and awkward. Some were broken and they just needed replaced. Because of the condition of some the older radios, they were not a reliable form of communication for the EMTs to relay their patient information to the receiving hospitals and scene information to the dispatcher in Concordia. Cellular phones are sometimes used but they are not reliable in some areas that we serve due to no signal." “The new reliable radios allow us to be efficient and not worry about our communication process. As we serve patients in the field in the rural area, our radios may be the only form of secure communication to our dispatcher.”
2012 Grant Winners:
Project Drive Archive
Front row (left to right): Denise Stover, Concordia Schools; Jenny Wilkins, Big Brothers, Big Sisters; Nancy Klostermeyer, VITA; Hope Spano, Markley Grove Park; and Holly Nelson, Minneapolis Schools. Back row (left to right): Jettie Condray, Ottawa County Historical Museum; Al Miles and Phil Aumick, Ottawa County Service Corp.; Dustin Bender, Concordia Schools; Virginia Hoover, Love INC; and Patricia Horn, Glasco City Library.
2012 Recipients:
BBBS Dickinson & Clay County
In addition to $300 awarded by Project Drive, G.L. Huyett will donate a high-capacity printer to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dickinson and Clay counties for use in their day-to-day efforts to unite Littles with Bigs. Consolidated Printing of Salina will provide delivery and set up of the machine.

Love INC
$1,690 will assist Love INC (In the Name of Christ) in purchasing two upright freezers for the Ottawa County Food Pantry to safely store donated frozen foods intended to serve families in need in Ottawa County.

Ottawa County Historical Museum
The Ottawa County Historical Museum was awarded $1,444 for the purchase of a projector and laptop to be used in the development and delivery of educational and historical presentations in and around Ottawa County.

Concordia Schools
$1,453.94 was awarded to Concordia Middle and High Schools (USD 333) to purchase wireless Pasco™ science probes with sensors for testing water quality, chemistry, weather, and general science.

Markley Grove Park Friends Inc.
The Markley Grove Park Friends Inc. was awarded $3,382.50 to expand the concrete slab near the pool and cover an existing fishpond with a concrete slab for the construction of a community gazebo in the near future.

Ottawa County Service Corporation
$4,000 was awarded to the Ottawa County Service Corporation towards the purchase of carnival equipment for the Ottawa County Fair. Grant funds will serve as the foundation of a dollar-for-dollar match of local fund-raising activities through April 30, 2013.

Glasco City Library
Project Drive has awarded $400 to the Glasco City Library for the purchase of hardcover books that can be checked-out by area children or used internally during story hours or a summer library reading program.

VITA Program
$1,000 was awarded to the North Central Kansas Medical Reserve Corps in Saline County for the purchase of a computer and printer to support the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program to assist in the preparation of income tax returns at no cost for the elderly, lower income families, and others with special needs within Ottawa County.

Minneapolis Schools
The USD 239 Minneapolis School Health Council was awarded $2,500 for the purchase of physical education and weight room fitness equipment for the purpose of educating students about the lasting impact exercise and activity will have on their lives.

2011 Grant Winners:

From left to right: Ann Kelly, Minneapolis Grade School; Virginia Hoover, Love INC; Anita Breen, Concordia High School; Crystal Estep, Delphos Public Library; Alice Simmons, Bennington Grade School; and Debbie Blochlinger, SRL, Inc. Dog Rescue.

2011 Recipients:
SLR, Inc. Dog Rescue
Located in Minneapolis, SRL, Inc. Dog Rescue was awarded $2,000 to assist with veterinary costs. SRL, Inc. teamed up with the City of Minneapolis to rescue and care for dogs that have strayed from home or old breeder dogs that the owners no longer want. They find the rightful owner or place the dogs up for adoption to new homes all over the United States.

Love INC
Love In the Name of Christ, located in Minneapolis, was awarded $900 to replace their current outdated refrigerator. Currently Love INC., who runs the Ottawa County Food Pantry, cannot provide fresh produce or eggs. The grant money will enable Love INC. to provide even more services to the Ottawa County residents who need assistance.

Delphos Public Library
The Delphos Public Library was awarded $800 and donated children’s books for improving the Young Adult Section by adding a fun area rug, chair and ottoman along with books. A welcoming atmosphere for young adults and their families will encourage use of the library.

Minneapolis Grade School
The Minneapolis Grade School Title 1 program requested $4,200 of funding to purchase iPads for the classroom. With the ability to have the iPads in the classroom, this grant will help each child excel at their own pace ensuring a positive learning experience for all students.

Concordia High School
The Concordia High School Special Education department is updating technology with their $1,600 grant. They will be using their iPads for speech therapy and teaching life skills. The students of the Concordia High School Special Education department will benefit greatly from this service.

Bennington Grade School
The Bennington Grade School was awarded $5,000, and will use their grant money to purchase Apple iPads and iPod touches for their students with learning disabilities. This purchase will allow these students to enhance their learning and social skills by being able to work at their own pace and not always having to wait on a teacher for help.

2010 Grant Winners:
From left to right: Minneapolis Public Library, Delphos Public Library, Learning Cooperative of North Central Kansas, and Salina Rescue Mission.
2010 Recipients:
Salina Rescue Mission
The Salina Rescue Mission was awarded $1,000 for the purchase of a laptop computer. The computer will be used to assist with promotion of public awareness of the mission, as well as assist the executive director in daily duties to better serve the Salina Rescue Mission. They will create power point presentations and other materials to help the individuals at the rescue mission. While also improving communications with other local businesses and donors.

Delphos Public Library
The Delphos Public Library, located in Delphos, was awarded a check for $800. Their project sought funds to improve the Children’s Section by adding a Jungle themed area rug, books, and a children’s carnival mirror. A welcoming atmosphere for the children and families will encourage use of the library. In addition to the monetary grant, G. L. Huyett also donated children’s books to the library.

Learning Cooperative of NCK
The Learning Cooperative of North Central Kansas, located in Concordia, was awarded $4,000. Their project sought funds to help update the existing playground to create a natural play area for children with and without disabilities. This playground renovation will benefit all children of Cloud County including many schools that provide services for young children with disabilities. Creating a natural play environment along with some traditional playground equipment will help students improve strength, coordination and stimulate their imagination as they interact with natural elements.

Minneapolis Public Library
The Minneapolis Public Library was awarded $1,000. Their project will update technology by purchasing eBook readers to replace the out-of-date books currently on CD and tape. This will enable the library to carry a wider selection of books and allow access to the Kansas State Library to locate hard to acquire documents. These eBooks will help all ages, from children attending local schools to Ph.D. candidates working on their degree and even those who need large print for improved vision levels.

2009 Grant Winners:
Top: Sisters of St. Joseph; Bottom (left to right): Minneapolis Public Library, Love INC, Central Kansas Mental Health, and Living at the Well.
2009 Recipients:
Living at the Well
Living at the Well is an outreach formed by Sonia Campbell in Minneapolis earlier this year in response to a need in the community for those individuals whose spouses have passed away. The goal of the organization is to provide sustainable support, education and direction for grieving individuals that allow them to move forward in their lives in a meaningful and fulfilling way. In order to more effectively provide these services, the organization desires funding to purchase video, book and support group materials.

Ottawa County Food Pantry
Located here in Minneapolis, the Food Pantry serves as a resource to those in the community who are at risk for hunger. The Food Pantry is working to expand their current storage shelving capacity as a means to better manage their inventory, as well as, effectively rotate stock to ensure minimal loss in spoilage. They have located shelving that requires substantial repair and have requested funding to make those necessary repairs.

Minneapolis Public Library
The Minneapolis Public Library is seeking funding to improve the seating in the Children’s Section, by adding soft seating in the form of a couch and chair. At this time they have limited hard-surface seating that is not conducive in creating a quiet, comfortable reading space. A more inviting, comfortable and cozy reading space will provide a welcoming atmosphere to children and families and will encourage the use of the library.

Central Kansas Mental Health
Central Kansas Mental Health Center is a non-profit community health center headquartered in Salina that also provides outreach mental health services in Ottawa, Dickinson, Ellsworth and Lincoln counties. They have requested funding to purchase a laptop computer to assist therapists providing services in the outlying areas. The laptop would permit therapists/case managers to document medical records more efficiently by recording notes concurrent to client work remotely thereby increasing opportunities to serve clients throughout the covered areas.

Sisters of St. Joseph
The Nazareth Convent and Academy located in Concordia is currently seeking funds to support the ongoing renovation to a facility in Concordia to house their Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) program. The N2N program’s purpose is to provide women in rural, small communities an opportunity to help them develop individual goals, based on needs, abilities and support systems. Women in Central Kansas are more likely than men to be poor, poorly educated and need assistance that may not be available through social service agencies. N2N provides women with the confidence in their ability to create positive change.

2008 Grant Winner:
From left to right: Tim O'Keeffe, Vice President of G.L. Huyett; Carol O'Keeffe, President of G.L. Huyett; Debra Andrews, Operations Manager of G.L. Huyett; and Jennifer McClure, Tescott Lions Club.
2008 Recipient:
Tescott Lions Club
Project Drive has awarded a $1,000.00 grant to the Tescott Lions Club to help them revitalize the Lions Pride Park in Tescott, Kansas. The grant will be used to help purchase needed playground equipment. The project consists of replacing a broken merry-go-round, broken rider horses and a torn volleyball net.

50-Mile Radius:
Project Drive Map
Project Drive Criteria
  • Project must be nonprofit and may be awarded to individuals, institutions, or organizations.
  • Project must be located within a 50-mile radius of Minneapolis, Kansas.
  • Post project documentation including: project plans, receipts, etc. must be provided for G.L. Huyett grant fund distribution.
  • Applications must be postmarked or e-mailed on or before October 1st.
  • Applicant must be available to meet with selection committee during the month of November.
What types of projects qualify?
Any project that will help make your community a better place. Previous recipients of grant funds include: technology, electronics, playground equipment for schools; books and supplies for libraries; equipment/appliances for local organizations; building materials for facility renovations; and training materials for support groups.
What can I use the Project Drive grant funds for?
Project Drive Grant funds are intended solely for the purchase of physical goods: materials, supplies, tools, etc. Funds will not be reimbursed or paid out for operating costs, gift cards, existing expenses, or materials purchased prior to grant award date.
When are applications available?
Applications are available each year in late August.
When are applications due?
Applications must be postmarked or e-mailed on or before October 1st each year. Any applications sent after this date will not be eligible for grant consideration.
How will I know if my project will be selected?
You will be notified by mail if your project is selected.
When will selected applications be announced?
Grant award recipients will be announced during our annual Company Thanksgiving gathering held in November on the day before Thanksgiving. Awards will be announced though local newspapers by December 1st and posted online at www.huyett.com/projectdrive.
How are grant funds distributed?
If your project is selected, grant funds will be distributed by G.L. Huyett following the receipt of an invoice showing the purchase of materials related to your project.