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Good To Great
The Jan/Feb 2013 issue of the American Fastener Journal includes an editorial defining some of the challenges G.L. Huyett has faced and how we've overcome obstacles in our pursuit to get from Good to Great.

G.L. Huyett Professional Practices

“All occupations, even the oldest occupation, can be improved if you approach the occupation as a professional practice.”

Individual Contributor Practices (“ACT”)

  • Accuracy: The achievement of defect free results.
  • Completeness: The effort made by a person to perform all duties for a given task.
  • Timeliness: Completing work, projects, or tasks according to schedule.

Supervisor Practices

  • Success Orientation: The demonstrated ambition, drive, and applied effort to achieve goals, to engage in self-improvement, and to realize the highest levels of production and performance.
  • Change Agency: The ability to assess chaos in an organized manner and then develop a plan of action with proper stakeholders to see that the plan is executed in a minimally stressful manner with measurable improvement in order.
  • Resource Allocation: The continuous process of assessing an organization’s resource needs, and then allocating resources available on a “highest and best use” basis in the most efficient manner.
Professional Manager Practices
  • Team Development: The ability to evaluate the function of the team; to establish a game plan to execute the function; and to select teammates that maximize team performance.
  • Management: The science of stimulating a team to experience vision, motivation, and control such that the team realizes success that can be measured.
  • Leadership: The ability to stimulate a team to see a future that is not otherwise recognized or to conquer goals that are not easy to achieve; and to have the courage to persist in the midst of adversity.