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Flow Control Grease Fittings

There are several different styles of flow control fittings: safety vents, leak proof, light oil leak proof, and Flow Stop™. Please make sure to verify the proper pressure rating for your desired application.


Safety vents have a milled slot in the shank to relieve pressure during operation. While inexpensive and simple in design, the part can excrete excess grease to the work area, which may not be desirable.

Grease in the groove indicates maximum lubrication.

Safety Vents


Leak proof fittings encompass an internal rubber seal or brass insert, so that grease cannot leak out when under pressure. The leak‑proof design is desirable in environments where grease can contaminate the work environment.

Leak proof fittings are used in food processing equipment.

Leak Proof


Except for a plastic ball check that can deform on the inside of the tip when under pressure, light oil leak proof fittings are designed the same as regular fittings. Such deformation provides a leak‑proof seal for light oils, up to 215 psi.

Light oil leak proof fittings contain plastic ball checks.

Light Oil Leak Proof


While leak proof fittings control the grease that flows out of a fitting, flow stop fittings control the input. Using a valve with a pressure‑rated spring, the fitting opens and closes to allow grease to flow in at a controlled pressure, thus preventing over‑lubrication.

Flow Stop fittings use standard couplers.

Flow Stop


As components move, the friction of the moving parts produces heat, which in turn causes pressure to build and interior liquids to expand.

  • If not controlled, the excess pressure can cause seals and or other parts to break, resulting in damage and contamination of the work environment.
  • A flow control fitting prevents such occurrences by preventing over‑lubrication and contamination from grease coming back out through the fitting into the work environment.

Flow control fittings come in various pressure ratings. Please choose the appropriate rating for your application.

Over-Lubrication and Prevention


Certain flow control fittings possess features, such as milled slots or valves working in conjunction with pressure rated springs, that prevent over lubrication and potential damage.

Flow control fittings have safety features to limit the flow of grease in and out of the bearing and fitting to prevent damage.


In a conventional ball check design, excess grease can leak back out through the end of the part. Such leakage can contaminate sensitive components, especially in food processing or pharmaceutical applications. Flow control fittings deploy seals or deformable ball checks that seal the passage, and thus prevent grease from leaking back out the end.

Leak proof fittings prevent contaminates from leaking out of the fitting.


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