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Special Use Fittings

Special use fittings possess unique designs for specific installation, servicing or performance applications. Our Machine Shop will manufacture nearly any material. Contact our Sales Team for details.


Flush type fittings use a variety of styles and drive systems, but the principal designs are all the same. A flush design yields a low profile which shields the part from flying debris, or from nearby moving parts.

Service with flush type couplers found here or with a standard oil can.

Flush Type Fittings


Standard button head fittings are compact, relatively flush, and used in heavy-duty applications. The head design minimizes damage from flying debris such as in coal mines or on material handling conveyors. A conventional ball check system is deployed, yielding a 6,000 psi operating pressure rating.

Use with standard button head couplers found here.

Standard Button Head Fittings


Heavy duty button head fittings have a heavier duty design with a larger head to withstand greater stresses in use. These fittings also have a much higher pressure rating than standard button head fittings.

Use with heavy duty button head couplers found here.

Heavy Duty Button Head Fittings


Rivet type fittings are typically used on king pins. The fittings are considered relatively disposable, in that they are installed at the factory from the inside of the bearing, and thus are nearly impossible to replace unless the entire king pin is disassembled. Rivet fittings are preferable in these applications because the flush shank design does not interfere with underlying moving parts.

Rivet type fittings use standard couplers found here.

Rivet Fittings


Special pipe plugs are different from standard pipe plugs in that they possess thread types that are specified by SAEJ534. These plugs are used for the same applications as standard pipe plugs although the thread forming plugs do not require a hole to be tapped prior to installation.

Custom designs, sizes, and materials are available on request!

Special Plugs


Deep seated fittings employ the use of a metal tube to dispatch grease to deep seated bearings with extra thick housing walls. Tube lengths vary and custom designs are made in our own in-house Machine Shop.

Custom designs, sizes, and tube lengths are available on request!

Deep Seated Fittings


Pin type fittings use two horizontal pins that serve as couplings guides to improve the engagement of the coupler during servicing. The extra guides stabilize the coupling in vibratory or more precision environments. Pin type fittings were found on early automobile designs.

Use with pin type couplers found here.

Pin Type Fittings

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