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Types of Grease Guns

There are many different types and designs of grease guns, and we offer lever, pistol, cordless, and pneumatic grease guns. We have a gun for practically any application.

Lever Gun

Our standard lever gun is not only economical, but also provides the most volume per stroke as compared to other manual guns. A full range of interchangeable / customized features are available to suit your individual application.

Lever guns require two hands to operate.

Lever Gun

Pistol‑Grip Gun

Pistol‑grip guns are good for use in close‑clearance areas. Using just one hand, grease is pumped via a simple squeeze. Pistol‑grip guns typically dispense less grease per stroke than a standard two‑handed lever gun.

Only one hand is needed to operate pistol‑grip grease guns.

Pistol-Grip Gun

Cordless Gun

Cordless guns use rechargeable Lithium‑ion batteries for complete portability and ease of use. Huyett guns come equipped with a carrying case and two batteries for extended use.

Cordless grease guns are trigger operated, portable, and convenient.

Cordless Gun

Pneumatic Gun

Pneumatic guns use an air supply allowing continuous delivery of grease. They are effective when paired with bulk loading equipment for high volume applications.

Pneumatic grease guns are operated by a trigger instead of a lever.

Pneumatic Gun

Grease Gun Selection

As with any tool, care should be taken in selecting the right grease gun for the application. Over‑lubrication or utilization of the wrong grease can damage the tool or the bearing. Also, the grease itself can be a health concern if allowed to penetrate the skin. Below are some guidelines for the selection of a grease gun.


First, DEFINE the USE. Will the grease gun be used in confined spaces or open spaces? How often will it be used? What kind of grease will be used?

Selecting the proper gun type for your application is crucial.



Second, ASSESS PRESSURE REQUIREMENTS. What pressure is needed to open and dispense grease in the application? High pressure is needed to "unfreeze" clogged fittings with heavy lubricants or in cold weather.

Please ensure that the grease gun you choose has the appropriate pressure for your application.



Next, DETERMINE SPACE, CLEARANCE and ACCESSIBILITY. The gun design must allow a compatible coupler to access the greasing point and provide hand operation.

Consider adding accessories to optimize the potential of the gun.



Lastly, CONSIDER REFILLING OPTIONS. Bulk, cartridge, or suction load? Once defined, be sure your grease gun has the proper specifications for refilling.

These loading options are detailed further below.


Grease Gun Loading

Grease guns are typically loaded in three ways: cartridge, suction, and bulk load. The following section details these methods to help you choose the grease gun and accessories best suited for your application.

Cartridge Load

The grease gun is filled using packaged cartridges. Such cartridges are convenient but are more costly than bulk load and impose a greater negative environmental impact.

Quickly reload grease guns using standard grease cartridges.

Cartridge Load
How to Load a Cartridge

Suction Load

Suction load means the grease gun is filled manually from a bulk drum by inserting the end of the gun into grease and pulling up on the handle. This method is best suited for lighter grade grease, as it tends to be difficult to extract heavy grease.

A messy & inexpensive yet strenuous method to reload a grease gun.

Suction Load

Bulk Load

Bulk loading is the easiest, cleanest, and most cost effective method of reloading a grease gun. Using bulk loading to reload your gun will necessitate purchasing the following items:

Bulk loader fittings provide an easy, clean, and cost effective method for reloading a grease gun. Air bleeder valves assist in grease gun priming.

Bulker Loader and Air Bleeder Valves

How to Bulk Load

A barrel pump is installed onto a pail of grease. The grease gun's loader fitting is pressed onto the loader coupler on the pump. As grease transfers, some air may enter the gun which may be vented by the air bleeder valve. The follower plate will minimize air pockets in the bulk grease.

Least environmental impact. No cartridges to discard in landfill.

How to Bulk Load Your Gun

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