ITW Shakeproof Group | Distributed by G.L. Huyett

ITW Shakeproof Group

G.L. Huyett is a proud master distributor of ITW Shakeproof Group engineered hardware solutions, specifically Clevis Pins and Tethers. Through continued focus on new product development, ITW Shakeproof Group remains a design leader in cost reducing innovations.


ITW Bee Leitzke has been leading the industry in a variety of manufacturing processes performed in-house at significant cost savings to the customers since 1929. In 2011, ITW merged its Bee Leitzke business with Shakeproof to form ITW Shakeproof Group to provide the industry a full line of Pins, Tethers and additional products. By focusing on innovation, ITW delivers better, faster and easier solutions for the end user and various industries including automotive, agriculture. outdoor power, construction, aviation, boating and others.

G.L. Huyett carries a full line of ITW Shakeproof Group Clevis Pins (the traditional Bee Leitzke product line) and Tethers – all available in low minimum quantities, bagged packages, or customized assortments.