Sherex Industries was founded in 1978 in Buffalo, NY. In 2004, the rivet nut division was spun off and became Sherex Fastening Solutions. The company's goal is to deliver high quality fastening solutions at the lowest total installed cost.

Sherex has ISO certified manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and Akron, Ohio.

G.L. Huyett is a proud master distributor of Sherex Fastening Solutions, a domestic supplier of cam-locking washers and nuts, as well as a wide variety of rivet nuts.
Sherex Fastening Solutions - Akron, Ohio

Disc-Lock™ and TEC Series™ Wedge Locking Washers consist of two washer‑shaped pieces with seizing ridges on one side and cams on the other. The cam sides are mated together with a mild adhesive and then installed between the nut or bolt and the joint material to secure using tension, not friction like traditional washers.

Disc-Lock™ Wheel Nuts have a heavy duty, self-locking design, so they can be installed and removed easily. No retightening is needed after installation.


Blind Rivet Nuts provide load-bearing threads in thin sheet materials that are too thin for a tapped thread. They are called "blind" because they can be installed from one side of the work piece. Once the rivet nut is installed, additional components can be attached using threaded fasteners.

Rivet nuts are used in a variety of industries: automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics, medical, railways, agricultural and construction equipment, solar and wind power, and more.