Innovative Fastening Solutions.
Lower Assembly Costs.

G.L. Huyett is a proud distributor of SPIROL® Engineered Fastening Solutions. SPIROL specializes in the manufacturing of engineered fasteners used for joining and assembly, feeding and installation equipment, and application engineering.

Since 1948, SPIROL has served as a technical resource by providing high quality components to improve the quality of your assembly, extend the life of your products, and reduce your manufacturing costs.

Their diverse product line includes Coiled and Slotted Spring Pins, Solid Pins, Disc Springs, Alignment Dowels and Bushings, Spacers, Compression Limiters, Machined Nuts, Inserts for Plastics, Shims, and Installation Equipment. Most heat-treating and finishing processes are performed in-house to ensure consistent quality. You benefit from a choice of over 30,000 standard products, no tooling or development costs, less variability between production lots, and responsive delivery.

G.L. Huyett carries a full line of SPIROL Coiled Spring Pins, Slotted Spring Pins, Alignment Dowels, Spacers, and more, all available in low minimum quantities, bagged packages, or customized assortments.