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Where Does G.L. Huyett Ship To?

G.L. Huyett ships to locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico from our warehouses in Kansas, Tennessee, and Arizona. We position our heavier parts in our Tennessee and Arizona locations to provide faster shipping. We also use freight forwarders to ship parts to over 225 countries across the globe. We suggest using to facilitate international shipping. Shipping speeds, locations, and prices depend on the parts and location of where the parts are warehoused.

Does G.L. Huyett Offer Same Day Shipping?

G.L. Huyett ships most orders the following business day unless UPS or FedEx 1- or 2-day air is your chosen shipping option. By default, we do not participate in Same Day Shipping.

Does G.L. Huyett Have Freight Programs?

Given the extremely diverse nature of our parts and customers, we do not offer a freight program. We continue to offer value through competitive pricing and a rich customer experience. This means that where other companies are driving up the price of their parts to make overhead on shipping, we continue to offer lower prices and allow you to make the best choice for your business when shipping your parts.

What Parts Does G.L. Huyett Manufacture?

G.L. Huyett primarily manufactures machine keys, key stock, solid pins, and lifting hardware. We are equipped with a complete machine shop and are prepared to manufacture additional parts to specifications within reason. When you have a custom manufacturing challenge, give us a call. Our Engineering Support Team can help you develop a solution from concept to completion.

What Is Your Price List and How Does It Work?

G.L. Huyett's price list provides customers the best price per part that we can offer customers and businesses based on where they lie in the supply chain. Discounts are offered to distributors to ensure that there is no channel conflict for their customers'. We offer tiers of price breaks to serve the various needs of both our business and consumer customers.

Who Can Buy From G.L. Huyett?

G.L. Huyett is a Master Distributor best suited to supply a broad selection of parts and components to distributors across the country who service MROs, OEMs, VMI, and other distributors who typically buy parts in smaller quantities than they can typically source directly from a manufacturer.

What Does G.L. Huyett Do?

G.L. Huyett is the World's leading manufacturer and master distributor of highly engineered and non‑threaded fasteners. We also provide a superior customer service experience and extensive in‑field support. We sell parts to distributors and consumers across the globe with a consolidated inventory. This allows us to provide the best prices to our customers and, ultimately, their customers.

The Pack List That Will Change Your Life


Hello. In this video, we are going to walk through “The Pack List That Will Change Your Life” from G.L. Huyett and our custom drop ship lists used by our business customers. Overall our pack list is equipped with easy-to-use barcodes, easy to identify parts numbers with picture references, and information to contact us should you need any additional assistance. Here at the top, we place all of the information about our address and your order number, the shipping date, your invoice number, and the purchase order number.

As we move down, we have the standard billing, ordered and shipping location information found on most pack lists. We've also added along with this information who G.L. Huyett has assigned to your order, that way you can get more personal with them, and what methods of shipping you chose for your delivery. Just before we get to the main section of the pack list, you'll see any additional notes you left for us on your order so you know that we've seen and listened to anything you have for us additionally.

As we get to the dock receipt, you'll see the first of our easy-to-use barcodes that correspond to the associated numbers next to them. We've included these to help expedite your receiving processes and eliminate any human error from manual entry. Also of note in the dock receipt area is your tracking number. The majority of our pack list is from here down. You'll see each line number or each different product you've ordered within that box. To help us quickly identify these parts, we include an example part picture on the left. This is one feature that we offer that even our own receiving departments wish more people did. You also see your part number provided with a same barcode. If for some reason your part does not have a part number, you can provide this number during checkout or call our sales team to get it implemented into your order. We'll also break down items into lots, or the section of our part groupings we have in our warehouses. This breakdown helps with looking into certifications and manufacturing dates of different groups. So if you have ordered a large quantity of a part and we've needed to take that part from several different manufacturing groups, you will know exactly how many of each subset and what bags those parts are broken into. Once again all of these numbers come with a quick and easy to use barcode.

Below all of this information, there's which box number in your order the pack list is meant for, followed by the total number of pieces you have received so you can quickly identify which box you're dealing with and what parts are within that box. Finally, we have a section to help you get in contact with us should there be any issue with your order. Overall, our pack lists will reflect the quickest and easiest way for you to identify what has been sent to you while minimizing any need for manual number entry. We value your team's time identifying shipments. The pack list also mirrors any advance shipping notices that might have been sent. That covers "The Pack List That Will Change Your Life" and our customers agree.

The Pack List That Will Change Your Life
  1. Special instructions
  2. Easy to identify part icons
  3. Box or boxes the item is located in
  4. Order summary
  5. Use your scanner to check in your order: Barcoded for your convenience
  6. Your tracking numbers
  7. This line number should match the same line number on your PO and Receipt of Goods
  8. Unique barcode for each lot
  9. Please call if you need assistance

However, what if you're a business and wanting to buy parts from our selection to send to your end customer while also making sure your customer is feeling interaction with your business and not us, the master distributor? Well we also have dropship pack lists. These pack lists will house your logos and information so that customers don't see G.L. Huyett facilitating their order. We have the ability to make these drop pack lists meet the requirements set by our business customers. We want to make sure that your brand and your customer’s branded experience are still intact. To go about getting your logo in to us once you have registered on, you can upload your logo by clicking the link at the bottom of the dropship pack list page. This page also has any file formats and sizing requirements for the logo provided on it.

Once you have provided your logo to G.L. Huyett to be displayed, it will appear in place of the default logo and will apply to any generic packing list which is used to ship out through the drop shipments at selection during checkout. If you place an order over phone, a sales associate can make sure that this is either flagged or unflagged for you at that time as well. If you have any additional questions about the specifications that can be used in a dropship pack list, please do reach out to us. We really want to provide you with your ability to make your brand match what you need in the drop pack list. That covers both types of pack lists: the custom pack list and the dropship pack list. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and we hope to see you receive your first life-changing pack list in the near future.

Custom Drop Ship Pack List
  1. Your Logo
  2. Your PO and Information
  3. Order Summary
  4. Your Customer's Shipping Information
  5. Your Tracking Numbers

How To Get And View MTRs


Hello, this video is going to walk you through G.L. Huyett’s Material Test Report and Certification information for customers, how to request certifications as part of your shopping journey, and how to access them after purchase. These Material Test Reports, or MTRs, can be used to verify the material quality and specifications of the various parts we have for sale here at G.L. Huyett. We offer free MTRs whenever possible, but there may be additional charges for some parts. There are a few ways to go about getting these to our customers. Some parts, like this one, have MTR automatically applied, no selection needed in your order. It will be available digitally under your registered account any time you may need it. However, most of our MTRs do require to select that you would like them provided. Such as this one. Select the checkbox before adding it to cart and then the MTR will be provided at no cost. These parts can have a chance to still have requests made for the MTR after purchasing, but we make no guarantees that we will be able to acquire them at a later date. Requesting an MTR can sometimes cause a delay to your shipment because we may need to special order the part with MTR from our supplier.

There are two forms of certification options you may encounter before we get into how to access and use your material certifications that require payment. Some of these MTRs require payment because the manufacturers we source from require a charge for their MTRs. G.L. Huyett has our customers cover this cost, and we make no profit from those payments. On average, most MTRs are in the $50 range, but do be sure to check the price next to the check box during your shopping. For example, this one is $100. Note that some of these products have a special indication or asterisk next to the price. This means you must request the MTR at the time of the order with the charge. We cannot acquire this MTR after your order has been placed. For the one on screen in front of you, this is not the case. You can request it after making the purchase, though again, we do recommend doing it during the time of checkout. Some In‑Stock Items will not have any MTRs available at the moment and will be noted as such. You can call in and ask for customer service to ensure a special order option can be arranged for your desired product.

Once you’ve added to the cart and made a purchase of any version of the MTRs we have available along with your product you can view and download those MTRs later through your G.L. Huyett account. This will stay on your account even after the order is fulfilled. MTRs are not available to view until the time of shipment since the lot cannot be known until an order has been filled. To access it, make sure you navigate to your order history under your account. Now select the order number associated with the MTR you would like to look at. For this example, we are going to select the second option. This is the order that we think we need the MTR from the part or the lot that we have. On this page, here you will see Material Cert to download and view any MTR that is associated with the part or lot the link is under. You will also notice the Certificate of Compliance in the same locations. Note, if you didn’t have the check boxes selected before checkout and made the request at the time, some parts may state Material Cert Request. These will allow you to request an MTR after checkout. This can be done by clicking the Submit Request button for the price listed, and the request will be sent. It is not guaranteed that these MTRs will always be available after the process of ordering, so we continue to recommend making the request before checkout.

This should cover any of your MTR needs, and we continue to want to provide you with the best free access to these certifications that we can. Again, any price that you must pay to acquire a material cert goes to covering that cost, and we do not make profit on those. We hope that we can continue to provide the certifications that you need for your parts to make sure everything is up to standard. If you have any additional questions about this, feel free to give us a call or email We hope that we can help you in this endeavor, and thank you for being a G.L. Huyett customer.

Custom Solutions from G.L. Huyett


Here at G.L. Huyett, we receive calls regularly about how we can help you or your customers find the right parts for a specific application. When an off-the-shelf solution simply won't do, our knowledgeable sales team and in-house machine shop can help to develop a custom solution just for you.

While we do not design parts, we can produce parts to print, provide you engineering support, and even reverse engineer a part from a sample. Using our available manufacturing capabilities (milling, grinding, forming, tumbling, drilling, marking, stamping, and sawing), we will make a part from the prints provided.

Once approved, our sales team will deliver your order to our manufacturing team for production. Then our highly skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will efficiently and precisely work on just about any kind of metal to your specifications.

When you have a custom challenge that calls for a custom solution, give G.L. Huyett's friendly sales team a call or visit to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities. Thank you for taking the time to watch, and we will look forward to providing a custom solution for you soon.