VMI Total Support with G.L. Huyett

Let G.L. Huyett help improve your Vendor Managed Inventory business!

Benefits of VMI

How You Benefit From Working With G.L. Huyett

  1. Higher average orders and higher minimum orders
  2. Fewer emergency orders, as distributors can rely on G.L. Huyett for safety stock
  3. Standard package sales and no broken boxes or partial lots to manage
  4. Lower transaction costs for product certifications using G.L. Huyett's automated free MTRs program
  5. Reduced warehouse space for finished goods
  6. Reduced investment in warehouse personnel for packaging and picking, thus allowing the manufacturer to invest in research, engineering, and innovation
  7. Greater market penetration by leveraging G.L. Huyett's sales force in the field
  8. Enriched opportunities to design in new product with G.L. Huyett's engineering and field sales teams
  9. Greater on‑line presence with rich product content for designers and engineers at Huyett.com

To achieve HIGHER SALES with LOWER COSTS, visit with your in‑field G.L. Huyett sales professional today.


How we support our VMI distributor customers:

  • We are among but a handful of companies that have North American coverage by a regionally based direct field sales team. Our Regional Sales Managers are highly trained and equipped with significant technology assets to help customers make winning decisions and enable their success.
  • We have a full‑functioning ecommerce website with rich product attribute data that includes real‑time stock on hand, quantity/price breaks, complete account history, automated order tracking, and free Material Test Reports at the lot level for the majority of SKUs, all self‑directed from mobile devices, tablets, or desktops.
  • When it comes to inquiries from VMI partners, we don't just quote. Instead, we engage to understand the customer's needs and objectives so that we can then craft a solution that helps them win new business or better manage existing business. Furthermore, our Customer Service team tracks the receipt and response time of every quote to ensure that our VMI customers get quotes back quickly in order to meet their bid requirements.
  • We have in‑house engineering to provide VA/VE consultation and multiple machine shops that produce custom specials, all designed to support our distributor customers' own sales and engineering teams in the field.
  • With three warehouse locations and inventory strategically placed in Arizona, Kansas, and Tennessee, we are able to ensure you get what you need, when you need it, every time.
  • Through our various Master Distributor programs, manufacturing capabilities, and global partnerships, we are able to fill voids in the marketplace and provide cost savings solutions that result in best‑in‑class outcomes.
  • We have those "small strokes" such as "The Pack List That Will Change Your Life™" that is not only bar‑coded down to the lot number, but is automatically arranged to print in the same order as your PO, Order Acknowledgement, Receipt of Goods, and Invoice to improve productivity at check‑in.
  • We have Customer Service team members who are fluent in multiple languages, including Spanish.
  • We maintain not only a Corporate Scorecard, but also scorecards at the distributor level, so that we can hold ourselves accountable for Service Level, Experience, Quality, and On‑Time Performance.
  • And, yes, we do blind drop shipping too, but our drop shipping documentation can bear the logos of our distributors, so orders appear to have shipped directly from you.
The Pack List That Will Change Your Life
  1. Special instructions
  2. Easy to identify part icons
  3. Box or boxes the item is located in
  4. Order summary
  5. Use your scanner to check in your order: Barcoded for your convenience
  6. Your tracking numbers
  7. This line number should match the same line number on your PO and Receipt of Goods
  8. Unique barcode for each lot
  9. Please call if you need assistance

Our mission is to be an extension of the VMI distributor's enterprise and enable their success.

Our VMI Customer Success Stories

Chris Bell, our Regional Sales Manager in the Central and Southwest Regions, helps VMI customers cut safety stock by up to 30 days, providing a 2% savings based on 24% annual carrying cost for the money and warehouse space tied up.

Jason Mizner, RSM in the Western Region, recently drove parts from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California to prevent a line down for a customer. "It's all part of the job," he says, "and I'll do it again should the need arise."

Andy Roach, our RSM in the Southern Region, showed a customer that it was more cost effective for G.L. Huyett to stock and release a customer specific, high volume coiled spring pin rather than importing them directly. This resulted in reduced inventory costs and minimized administrative expenses while still being able to serve their customer when needed.

Dewey Oxner, RSM in the Southeast Region, is "constantly on the lookout for new opportunities that I can refer to my VMI's." He enjoys doing line walks where he is able to find new parts to add to the customer's assortment and working at the bin site level to help customers consolidate vendors.

Tom Bello, RSM in the Northeast Region, is impressed with the amount of engineering prowess at G.L. Huyett. "The internal sales team is really focused and with in‑house engineering, I am able to create new solutions to old problems." He is currently working with a Canadian distributor to redesign casters on material carts to withstand higher temperatures.

Jim Flannery, our RSM in the Upper Midwest, is working with a customer to develop bearing shaft lock nuts with unique bend requirements on the mating tangs of the lock washer. He says, "Product innovation and understanding the application and assembly process leads to new sales."

Contact your Regional Sales Manager now to see how they can help your business succeed!