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Care & Handling of Plain Finish Parts

Example of improperly handled plain finish parts


Plain finish parts require special handling to prevent surface corrosion and extend shelf life.


Limited warranty for surface finish: 30 days from date of shipment.



clean, properly stored, and protected plain finish partsAt the factory a special sealer and treatment is installed to prevent corrosion, and specially formulated plastic liners are used to protect parts from the exterior atmosphere.

During final production, parts are tumbled to remove burrs, and all draw lubrication and surface oils are removed.

The post-tumbling treatment is intended to add back surface treatment, providing parts “dry to the touch” with shelf life.

There are significant limitations in this process. It is vital that the following handling instructions be maintained:

Plain Finish Parts should only be handled with gloved hands
  1. Inspect the shipment packages. If there are any wet marks or evidence of moisture, or if containers are cracked or torn open in any manner, report to the carrier and write “Concealed Damage” across the face of the Bill of Lading at receipt.
  2. Do not remove parts from original packing until ready for use.
  3. If the package is opened, reroll the inner liner and reclose the box for storage.
  4. When touching plain finished parts, wear neoprene, latex, or thick cotton gloves, so that hand oils are not allowed to contact the surface of the parts.
  5. Avoid human sweat or any type of contaminant to contact the surface of the parts.

By not handling plain finish parts in a proper manner, surface corrosion can appear in as little as 24 hours, especially during the months of June, July, August, and September in North America. Improper handling will void any and all warranties. The shelf life of plain finish parts can be extended if the parts are oiled “wet to the touch.” For information about this process, contact G.L. Huyett Sales Engineering Support Team.