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A Simple, Robust Design
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An agricultural equipment company was using tube connectors, tubing, and a grease fitting to provide a service location to a recessed bearing. The recess exceeded the total length of commercially available grease fittings, and the legacy design was complicated to users. In addition, the legacy design was unreliable in an outdoor environment.


A solid design sufficiently robust to allow deep seated installation and exterior wear and tear was required. The ability to change out faulty or contaminated parts was also considered; provided that there was sufficient seal to allow “flow through” of grease from a grease gun down into the bearing.


The G.L. Huyett manufacturing team designed a thick walled extension with tapered male threads to provide a “pilot” into the recessed hole. The tapered threads were designed to provide a dry seal, as well as to mate into the female threads on the other end. In addition, a mating deep seated “socket” was designed for a more automated assembly. It allowed interchangeable parts for repair and replacement. Special production processes were used to make the longer shanked part straight and true. The final design provided better reliability, simpler and more robust design and interchangeability at slightly less than legacy costs.

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