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Significant Cost Savings with New Build Strategy & Design


Engineers were looking to identify cost savings in an “end-stop key.” The key slid back and forth in a channel, with a pin serving as a “stop.” The legacy part consisted of a stainless steel key, partially drilled, with a grooved pin on one end.


Dowel pins are more expensive to produce than alternate designs such as a rolled pin. Rolled pins have a less precise outside diameter than many dowel pins. Orientation may be required of the rolled pin, which can complicate installation. A “Type H” grooved pin was the best solid pin application because it required a less precise hole than a dowel pin, and the grooved end provided a more sturdy grip. An alternate design and build strategy was considered. Die-casting provided sufficiently precise dimensions, with a solid stopping mechanism. With die-casting, there was no pin installation cost, and overall design was more Consistent. In addition, there was no need for operator intervention in pin depth and placement.


Using G.L. Huyett engineering and global sourcing, a die-casting contractor was located. Low tooling and setup costs, coupled with the installation and production cost advantages over multiple-piece designs yielded an acceptable part at a fraction of the legacy cost. Overall, the customer’s goal of cost reduction was exceeded by a wide margin.

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