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Stopping the Chatter


A square handle used on electrical boxes required a radiused edge to ease installation, and had a precise effective length between grooves to ensure a tight fit. Because the part was square shaped, a lot of “chatter” is created during production by the “interrupted cut” during turning. The edges of the material “beat” on the tool until penetrated and turned smooth. This “chatter” impairs accuracy and thus machine time must be increased as spindle speed is reduced.


G.L. Huyett’s global sourcing team was able to locate profile mills to make raw material with pre-radiused edges. The raw steel was specified to precise lengths to reduce waste on the chucked end.

Special Note:

The G.L. Huyett team also proposed to ship parts with one e-clip assembled, further reducing the cost of the assembled part.


The radiused raw stock reduced “chatter” and allowed spindle speed to be increased. Machine time is reduced by higher throughput, as well as the elimination of the radius as a turned operation. Scrap was reduced by 12% by coordinating raw material length to consumption and production setups. In addition, a test electrical box assembly was deployed as a “go-no-go” gauge to ensure perfect groove width accuracy.

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