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G.L. Huyett Grease Fitting CatalogG.L. Huyett has developed the most comprehensive guide to Grease Fittings (Zerks) and threads the world has ever known. Inside you'll find to scale illustrations of every fitting known to man, technical and educational information, complete part number cross-referencing, design standards, manufacturing guidelines, quality control, and more related to Imperial, Metric, Nonferrous, Heritage®, Alemite®, and Lincoln® fittings. You'll also find detailed specifications and examples of SAE-LT, PTF, and UNF Grease Fittings, Thread Forming and Drive Type, Special Use Fittings, Pressure Control, Flow Control, Connecting Parts, Grease Guns, and Accessories.

Taper Threads
Taper threads run diagonal to mating material.

Grease Fittings
Parallel Threads
Parallel threads run parallel to mating material.

Grease Fittings
Bushings are threaded on both the inside and outside and are used for joining parts with different diameters together.

Grease Fittings Bushings
This part is used to extend a grease fitting to a more accessible service area using the same thread pitch.

Grease Fittings Extensions
Button Head Fittings
Button Head fittings are designed to withstand repetitive abuse from harsh environments.

Button Head
Flush Type Fittings
Flush Type Fittings are ideal for applications with hard to lubricate areas and/or in low clearance areas.

Flush Type
Button Head: Plunger Check
Fittings with plunger checks are more tolerant of high back pressures than those with ball checks and allow larger volumes of lubricant to flow into the assembly.

Button Head
Button Head: Ball Check
Fittings with ball checks are cost-effective and still provide adequate back pressure protection in most applications.

Button Head