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Key Stock CatalogG.L. Huyett stocks and manufactures a wide range of non-threaded fasteners, components, and installation tools for use in agricultural, industrial, automotive, aerospace, and maritime applications. Whether you need off the shelf parts or custom solutions, we source or produce the world’s most comprehensive inventory of Imperial and Metric key stock, machine keys, shafting, shaft couplings, shaft collars, retaining rings, washers, shims, pins, o-rings, hose clamps, steel balls, threaded inserts, assortments, and more.

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The MAK-A-KEY brand originated in 1953 and is the platinum standard for key stock. Acquired by G.L. Huyett from ITW Shakeproof Industrial Products in 2016, MAK-A-KEY is precision key stock that is manufactured to tight tolerances. It is an aftermarket product typically sold in one foot and three foot bars used in repairs and maintenance that the user can “Cut, File, and Fit!™” at the worksite to allow for in-field fitting to a mating key way. As the key way may be worn from use, starting with a slightly wider and oversized stock allows for a more accurate and efficient fitting process.

MAK-A-KEY precision key stock is available in carbon steel (AISI C1018) and stainless steel (AISI 304). Additionally, AISI 316 stainless is available for marine applications, as are various selections of Monel and Alloy 20. Both imperial (inch) and metric sizes are offered and extend to an array of cross sections up to about 2” square.

Gear Assembly
Machine keys provide a means to assemble components in a non-permanent manner.

Keystock Keyed Shafting
Gib Head
Gib keys are tapered and notched shaft keys that are used on keyed shafts to hold pulleys and gears tightly on the shaft.

Keyed Shafting Gib Key
Machine Key
Machine Keys are basic keys installed into shaft keyways to lock a shaft and hub assembly together to transmit torque in a power transmission.

Machine Key Shafting
Woodruff Key
Woodruff keys are used to avoid milling a keyslot near stress-concentration prone shaft shoulders at the end of a shaft.

Woodruff Key Shafting
Shim Stock
Shim stock is available in sheets in various materials to fit your needs. Shims can be cut in the field to fit your specific application.

Shim Stock
Shaft Collar
Shaft collars have many uses in machine applications for holding components on shafts or used as mechanical stops and stroke limiters.

Shafting Shaft Collar Hex Key (Allen Wrench)