Product Categories

Industrial fasteners are a broad and diverse category of hardware used to mechanically join workpieces, machine parts, panels, and other components. Fasteners are typically used for non-permanent joints so that the pieces can be disconnected and reconnected as required. Huyett offers a comprehensive range of fasteners and associated accessories for metals, plastics, wood, and other material.

Huyett fasteners are manufactured to the highest standards in various materials, including stainless steel, low and medium carbon steel, brass, and plastic.

  • Engineered Fasteners are modern alternatives to traditional fasteners for panel attachment, wire and cable management, and studs. They include palnuts, trim clips, self-locking and self-retaining threaded nuts, and wire management clips.
  • Nuts are internally threaded fasteners for use with externally threaded bolts, screws, and studs, including coupling nuts, hex nuts, lock nuts, and jam nuts.
  • Bolts are externally threaded fasteners for use in metals, plastics, and concrete, usually threaded to a compatible nut. Bolts include hex-head bolts, eye-bolts, J-bolts, L-bolts, U-bolts, and more.
  • Screws are threaded fasteners that typically attach directly to a threaded hole without the use of a nut. We carry over 1000 types of screws, including cap screws, set screws, and standard screws with hex, Phillips, slotted, and shoulder heads.
  • Pins are linear fasteners used to hold and align components. Huyett provides both friction and positive-lock pins, including dowel pins, cotter pins, snap pins, and detent pins.
  • Retaining Rings are typically installed into a groove on a shaft or bore to hold components in place against a shoulder. Among the most widely used retaining rings are rings, e-clips, housing rings, spiral rings, X-rings, and many more.

We also stock various other fasteners, such as rivetsthreaded inserts, set screws, cap screws, threaded rodssprings, and tags.

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