Product Categories

Retaining rings are fasteners that are typically installed into a groove on a shaft or housing, creating a shoulder that holds components in place. They are often used instead of other fasteners such as bolts or pins to reduce the need for threading and tapping.

There are several categories of retaining rings, including axially assembled retaining rings such as snap rings or housing rings, and radially assembled retaining rings such as interlocking rings or prong-locked rings. We offer a broad range of retaining rings, including:

  • External retaining rings/Snap rings
  • E-clips
  • Internal retaining rings/Housing rings
  • Spiral rings
  • X-rings
  • And many more

Our industrial retaining rings are available in a variety of materials such as carbon spring steel, stainless steel, and beryllium copper, as well as a variety of finishes for specific corrosion resistance.

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