Retaining Ring Pliers & Installation Tools

G.L. Huyett’s retaining ring installation tools include applicators as well as dispensers and dispenser parts. Retaining ring applicators are a simple tool designed for installing radially installed metric and inch e-clips, c-clips, and poodle clip varieties. They are often used with dispensers, which enables operators to quickly and correctly install rings without turning the tool. Retaining ring dispensers feature a rail which a stack of retaining rings can slip over. Retaining rings are dispensed one at a time using a retaining ring applicator.

  • Dispensers are available in standard and heavy duty
  • Applicators are heat treated for added strength
  • Dispenser are loaded quickly and easily using a stacked roll pack
  • Visit our Product FAQs to learn more about our installation tools!
Retaining Ring Pliers & Installation Tools

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