TEC Series

TEC Series washers by Sherex are a two piece, pre-assembled, two piece wedge locking washer. The pair of joined washers feature cams on the mating face and ridges on the other. The two washers are joined with a mild adhesive on the cam side of the washer and installed between conventional threaded fasteners and a joining substrate. TEC washers use tension to secure a joint rather than the frictional force that is applied by traditional washers.

  • Pre assembled washers offer easy installation
  • Vibration proof according to MIL STD 1312 7
  • Installed using common hand or pneumatic tools
  • TEC washers are reusable with consistent self locking results
  • Reusable, heavy duty wedge locking washers
  • Visit our Product FAQs to learn more about washers
TEC Series

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