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Grease fittings are installed into mechanical systems to supply grease to components in need of lubrication. They are usually fitted to parts via a tapered thread or push-fit, allowing lubricant to be squeezed under pressure into bearings with a grease gun or other lubrication mechanism. Once grease has been applied, the grease fitting prevents it from escaping from the bearing.

Grease fittings are manufactured in a range of materials, including brass, stainless steel, and monel nickel-copper alloys.

Grease fittings can be found in various industrial, agricultural, mining, aerospace, and automotive applications. Huyett supplies a comprehensive range of grease fittings and machine lubrication accessories from brands that include Alemite, Handi-Chek, Heritage Industrial, Lincoln, and more.

  • Grease fittings, popularly known as Zerk fittings and grease nipples, are available in designs tailored to many different scenarios, including button head, flush, ball-type, leak-proof, and vent fittings, as well as oilers, hydraulic couplers, and more.
  • Grease gun adapters are fitted to grease guns so they can be used with a wide range of grease fittings. We carry bushing, elbow, pipe, and swivel adaptors.
  • Connectors allow the secure fastening of grease guns and dispensers to components, and include bulkhead, nut, snap, and tube connectors.
  • Grease gun couplers connect and lock to grease fittings, facilitating fast and mess-free greasing.
  • Grease fitting tools aid in installing and maintaining fittings. We carry installation tools, multi-tools, and grease fitting unblocker tools.

We also supply many grease and lubrication accessories, including grease guns, oil cups and reservoirsgrease hoses, and oil pumps.

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