Grease Fitting Hydraulic Couplers

Hydraulic Couplers, commonly referred to as grease gun couplers or grease couplers, are a grease gun attachment that allows the gun to connect securely to a zerk fitting. Hydraulic couplers come in many variations with standard being the most common. Other variations such as narrow or swivel couplers can deliver grease to fittings that are difficult to reach.

  • Available Styles: swivel, push-on, narrow, and standard
  • 90°, 180°, and 360° swivel grease couplers provide easy access to most grease zerk fittings.
  • Quick connect couplers allow you to service different styles of grease fittings without having to change the coupler on your grease gun.
  • Visit our Product FAQs to learn more about Grease Fittings
Grease Fitting Hydraulic Couplers

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