Backup O-Rings

Backup O‑rings, also called backup rings or anti‑extrusion rings, are made of Buna‑N compound and often used in large extrusion, high pressure applications to ensure that [O‑rings]( provide a proper seal when under pressure. Large extrusion connections often feature large clearance gaps and when pressure is applied, a standard O‑ring can be pulled into the gap, causing a failed seal. The backup ring prevents the O‑ring from flowing into the gap when pressure is applied to maintain a leak proof seal.

- Improves performance and extends life of O‑rings

  • Prevents  O‑ring  extrusion in loose fitting parts    

  • Suitable for dynamic and static applications    

  • Visit our  Product FAQs  to learn more about backup rings and O-rings

Backup O-Rings

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