Product Categories

We carry a comprehensive range of high-quality lifting gear and rigging equipment suitable for lifting, towing, lashing, and more. From chains and hooks to clevis shackles and turnbuckles, our lifting and rigging equipment is trusted in multiple industries for towing, safety chaining, retaining, cargo control, and transport.

  • Chains are the inexpensive, durable, and easily-maintained rigging option. We carry both Grade 70 (G70) transportation chain and proof coil chain. Both are manufactured in carbon steel and are available in various sizes.
  • Chain hardware includes several chain-link accessories for attachment and repair, including quick links, repair links, and master links.
  • Turnbuckles are used to adjust the length and tension of chains and ropes. Our turnbuckles feature a wide variety of body and end styles, including hook-end, eye-end, and jaw-end turnbuckles.
  • Lifting hooks are used to attach ropes and chains for towing, hauling, retaining, and lashing. Our heavy-duty hooks are available with grab-hook and slip hook designs with clevis and eye attachments for lifting, as well as light duty snap hooks for lashing or load securement.
  • Clevis fasteners are three-component fasteners with a U-shaped clevis jaw, a clevis pin that slides through holes at the jaw ends, and a cotter pin or split pin to hold the clevis pin in place. They are widely used in rigging, towing, and lifting applications. We also carry a variety of double clevis links ideal for quickly repairing broken chains.

Huyett also supplies a full range of chain, lifting, and rigging equipment that includes wire rope hardware, lifting eye nuts and bolts, hoist rings, and rod ends.

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