Master Link Chain Hardware

Master links, sometimes called collector links, are a vital piece of lifting and rigging hardware for use in chain slings, multi-legged synthetic web bridle slings, stingers, and wire rope slings. GL Huyett offers weldless oblong master links in alloy steel and weldless pear-shaped master links in 1045 carbon steel. These links are available with a hot dipped galvanized coating or painted red for added corrosion resistance. Master links also are great for use with large hooks and shackles, and available with rated capacities up to 39,900 pounds for zero degree vertical lifts.

  • Oblong links are deal for attachment to large hooks
  • Pear links work best with hooks that have a narrow saddle
  • Collects multiple sling legs into one link
  • Inspect links frequently to ensure they are undamaged
  • Visit our Product FAQs to learn more about Lifting Hardware
Master Link Chain Hardware

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