Quick Link Chain Repair

Quick link chain repair links are popular for light-duty applications using low grade chain, such as 30 grade proof coil chain. As the names suggests, they install quickly by unscrewing the gate, attaching the link onto two pieces of chain and screwing the link gate back to the closed position (make sure no threads are showing). Quick links can also be used to extend chains or attach a hook, chain shackle or anchor point. Available in zinc plated carbon steel and polished stainless steel for resistance to corrosion. Ensure the quick link chain repair link has a WLL equal to that of the chain. Do not use for overhead lifting

  • Quick connection and disconnection for chain and chain hardware
  • Installs easily with simple hand tools, similar to cold shut links
  • Ideal for securing rings, loops or fittings to chain
  • Versatile fastener for chain repair in non-critical applications
  • Not intended for overhead lifting
  • Visit our Product FAQs to learn more about Lifting Hardware
Quick Link Chain Repair

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