Grade 70 Transport Chain

Grade 70 chain, also called transport chain or G70 chain, is the industry standard for towing, cargo control and transportation because it elongates before breaking. It is commonly used as tie downs or lashings to stabilize loads during transport. Grade 70 chain has a bright zinc yellow finish to help resist corrosion common to frequent highway use. Grade 70 chain is much stronger that grade 30 proofcoil chain, but lacks the required characteristic for overhead lifting. Available in various sizes, this durable heat-treated carbon steel chain is great for many rigging applications. Get it with or without clevis grab hooks in lengths up to 100 feet. Note: not intended for overhead lifting. Inspect chain before and after used for signs of elongation or damage.

  • Corrosion resistant yellow
  • Ideal for lashing loads to prevent shifting during transport
  • Easy to identify gold color
  • Commonly used in towing, logging, oil & gas, and safety chain applications
  • Not intended for overhead lifting
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Grade 70 Transport Chain

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