Chain Slip Hooks

Slip hooks feature a wide throat that allows the chain or rope to flow freely through the hook. This allows the hook to be easily centered along a length of chain or to quickly remove slack when lashing or securing a load. Slip chain hooks are designed to receive a specific size of chain. For example, a 1/2-inch slip hook should be used only with a 1/2-inch chain. Clevis hooks are available for quick installation/removal, while an eye hook is available for permanent applications. Corrosion resistant zinc or zinc yellow plated Grade 70 alloy steel or Grade 43 carbon steel are available with or without a safety latch to securely retain rope, chain, or cable during use. Slip hooks are ideal for logging, oil & gas, pulling, towing, and transport.

  • Grade 43 and grade 70 slip hooks are not intended for overhead lifting
  • Optional safety latch available to prevent chain from sliding out of the hook
  • Grade 70 clevis grab hooks can be used with grade 70 transport chain
  • Eye slip hooks can be used with double clevis links, cold shut links or quick links
  • Make sure all rigging components meet the load requirements for your application
  • Visit our Product FAQs to learn more about Lifting Hardware
Chain Slip Hooks

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