Jaw to Eye Swivel

Jaw to eye swivels are a type of positioning swivel used to align rigging components to reduce stress during a lift. Positioning swivels are basically two end fittings held together by a threaded shaft and a nut, in this case a jaw end and an eye end. The swivel can rotate freely to position a hook on to a pick point. Once the load has been lifted, the swivel will not rotate because the force applied by the load holds the swivel in place. The jaw end makes it easy to connect or remove levers, hooks, chain, rope or other lifting components, while the eye end provides a secure connection point. Jaw-eye chain swivels are high strength connection links used in zero degree straight/vertical lifting and rigging applications. They have large eye openings and are forged from 1045 Carbon Steel and galvanized for corrosion resistance.

  • Reduces stress due to misalignment of rigging components
  • Will not swivel while under load
  • Jaw end provides reusable connection with rigging components that cannot open
  • Closed eye end provides secure point of attachment
  • Offered in corrosion resistant hot dip galvanized 1045 carbon steel or 304 stainless steel
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Jaw to Eye Swivel

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