Product Categories

Power transmission hardware transfers or facilitates mechanical energy transfer from one part of a machine to another. Power transfer hardware is an essential component of any machine, from the smallest mechanism to the largest industrial machinery.

  • Bearings reduce friction between machine parts and limit the range of motion available to those parts. Simple bearings include sleeve bearings or bushings sized to fit a shaft and its hole and often impregnated with oil. More complex bearings include ball bearings, which feature precision-sized balls captured within races.
  • Shafts are rotating elements that transmit power between machine components. Shafts are found in the vast majority of machinery, and we carry an enormous selection of keyed shafts in carbon steel and stainless steel, as well as keyed shaft assortments and round key stock.
  • Machine keys connect rotating elements to a shaft, preventing relative motion and transmitting torque from one component to another.
  • Key stock is a generic name for metal bars used to make machine keys and in other machine applications. We stock a wide variety of key stock, including bilateral, step, oversize, and undersized key stock, as well as hex key stock and round key stock.
  • Shaft collars are ring-shaped machine components fitted over and clamped to shafts to act as a stop or a bearing surface. Types of shaft collar include set shaft collars, single-split shaft collars, and double-split shaft collars.

We also stock a comprehensive selection of precision balls, hex keys, tubular and arbor spacers, shims and shim stock, tool wrap, and feeler gauges.